Sending a bus of books to Zimbabwe

by Tendai Simbai in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom


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To get the library bus, full of school books and computers, a ferry ticket, from Sheerness to Namibia

by Tendai Simbai in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom


My name is Tendai Simbai. I am from Zimbabwe. I came to the United Kingdom over 20 years ago, to play basketball at an academy, and I have lived in the Ipswich area since.


For as long as I have lived in the UK, I have tried to raise money to help improve the lives of people in my home country, for instance when I completed an 80-mile run from London to Ipswich.

Alongside this, I collect equipment and clothing donated by friends around the UK to organise annual basketball camps in Zambia and, more recently, Zimbabwe.


Around two years ago, I bought this library bus with the intention of filling it with books and driving it from Ipswich back to Zimbabwe, to bring books – and the educational opportunities they represent – to children across my home country.


Not all children receive any schooling at all in Zimbabwe. Fewer than half of Zimbabwean children will attend secondary school. Books and learning materials are hard to come by, even for many of those who do have a school to attend.



Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of my friends and their friends, I have filled my library bus with books, computers, pencils and equipment, but now I need to get it to Zimbabwe.

My original plan had been to drive the bus there, but with Coronavirus still affecting the world that is not possible.

So now I need your help to raise funds to ship the bus (and its contents) to Zimbabwe, where the colleagues at my basketball camp will help to distribute it.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. And thank you for helping change the lives of children across Zimbabwe.

Let's make 'Sending a bus of books to Zimbabwe' happen

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