Send Su to Manchester

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Send Su to Manchester

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Redwing CIC want to support volunteer Su Ormerod study for a postgraduate degree at Manchester University.

Why do we want to help Su? Emerging poet and writer Su Ormerod has worked extremely hard to help our social enterprise and her local community by volunteering in our arts and community hub and vegan cafe. Now Su has gained a postgraduate place at Manchester University to study Contemporary Writing, but, as a mature postgraduate student, Su is ineligible for any maintenance grant. 

The University say that living frugally for a year in Manchester will cost £12000 minimum. Su is working as a respite carer to try to pay her accommodation fees and basic food bills and should have raised half of what she needs by August. Su won’t be able to work even part-time once she has commenced her studies. Su needs just a little extra help from all of us to make her dream come true.

Without our help Su won't be able to afford the year's accommodation in Manchester and may be forced to leave her studies at The Centre for New Writing.

Why Manchester? The Centre for New Writing is a dedicated contemporary writing hub within The University of Manchester's English and American Studies subject area, in the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures. It offers specialised teaching and supervision, world-class resources, an internationally recognised teaching staff, a strong interdisciplinary orientation and a stimulating intellectual environment. During her year in Manchester Su will be learning from acclaimed writers like Jeanette Winterson ("Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit"). 


How much is needed and how will it be used? Redwing aims to raise £6000 to help with  Su's accommodation fees (a tiny basic room without even a sink) and a frugal plant-based diet.

What's in it for us? This is our chance to help one of our volunteers prove that it's never too late for any of us to follow our dreams. Everyone who pledges can also choose from some lovely rewards and will be invited to welcome Su back to Cornwall at a special "Sense of Place" event on her return from Manchester in September 2020.

Here’s a piece of writing by Su:


She sat unseen, unfeeling as she unsewed

her wedding veil. Silken thread wormed

unnoticed into her mind. She undid an

unlived life. Unthinking, she said yes to live

an unseen future. Knotted fingers unknotted

an unbeating heart to unlose herself to life.

Unheard vows heard his unaliveness.

An unpricked finger unspun sleep to undo

the unknown moment of death.

Blooded, she breathed unhindered by the

umbilical cord of an unmother. Undid her

own undoing and wound a silken shroud

with undone sheets. Seeing the unseeing

as the veil unmade itself, she redid the undid

and understood the unlife. Undressed, she

cried unheard hurt. As she touched another

she touched herself. Naked in the sea, she swam

holding the silken thread. He opened the door

to collect his unlived life.

Su Ormerod 2016

Testimonials and Reviews of Su's work: 

 Su's poetry has depth, complexity, semantic dexterity, and a certain edginess. I also find it marvelously accessible. Robert Erskine. Writer

"lyrically beautiful" Rebecca Alexander. Writer.

"Su, the poems are really wonderful, you have a real ear for imagery and music of poetry." Rebecca Alexander.

Some of the many rewards kindly donated to "Send Su to Manchester." Check them out. Some of them are limited or unique! :

 "The Heart of all Knowing" 

Acrylic on canvas by Katy Cockle 


Bryher Campsite, Isles of Scilly. 

Three nights traditional camping on the island of Bryher, on the Scilly Islands off Cornwall for two people in 2020, excluding school holidays. Subject to availability.



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