Send Student Social Entrepreneurs to Global Expo

by Enactus Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Send Student Social Entrepreneurs to Global Expo
We did it
On 21st June 2018 we successfully raised £1,190 with 18 supporters in 42 days

We are a group of students passionate about social enterprise with an opportunity to showcase our projects on a global stage.

by Enactus Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

1 team.
83 students.
6,127 lives improved.

Individually we are just students, but together we are Enactus Edinburgh.

A student society of 83 members who run 8 life changing social enterprises locally and internationally to meet the needs of communities with our entrepreneurial spirit and innovations developed at the University of Edinburgh.


This year our team was recognised as the UK’s leading Enactus team against 58 other Universities.

This success gives us the opportunity to represent the UK at

the 2018 Enactus World Cup

- the world's biggest social entrepreneurship competition
in San Jose, California.

Overall, we will need £18,000 to help fund the cost of sending some of our team members to California, including further support for the team once they’ve arrived for the competition. This crowdfunding project is just one of the many ways we are raising money for the trip and we hope that you feel encouraged by our enthusiasm for the competition to show your support and to make a donation that will help us get us to our funding goal.

What is Enactus?

Enactus is a global organisation that connects University students, educators and business leaders by providing a platform for students to develop skills through running sustainable and impactful social enterprises.

What is the Enactus World Cup?

The World Cup is our opportunity to showcase the great work we do in Edinburgh having won the UK national competition in April 2018. These competitions are great motivators for many of our members to continue working on their projects and make them the best they can be so they can share them with the world!

The World Cup also offers an amazing opportunity to network and meet thousands of students and business executives from around the world, who all want to make the world a better place, providing a brilliant opportunity for collaboration.

Our Team at the World Cup

We will be showcasing 3 of our social enterprises:

  • Aiding Change, based in Ghana
  • Sanitary Pad Initiative
    • Lilypads, based in Kenya
    • Sanitree, based in India

This year’s competition will be held in San Jose, California and it will be the first time in Enactus Edinburgh history to compete at the World Cup – an achievement that we are incredibly proud of!

Attending the World Cup in California is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our members to present the fantastic work they have put into these impactful projects over the year. The experience of participating in the competition will provide members of the team with valuable presenting, networking, business and entrepreneurial skills that will help them stand out in a very competitive job market.

But more importantly, attending the World Cup will allow us to gain exposure for our projects, learn from other successful teams and social entrepreneurs and apply the knowledge to our own projects, enabling them to grow and expand, positively impacting the lives of even more people!

Aiding Change

Social problem

In Ghana, only 1 % of the hearing-impaired population can afford to purchase hearing aids. This keeps otherwise healthy children from attending school and keeps adults from pursuing employment, leading to social exclusion and isolation.

Entrepreneurial solution

Aiding Change is a social enterprise that trains unemployed individuals in Accra to sell affordable solar-powered hearing aids to people who need them the most. The solar-powered design completely eliminates the need for disposable batteries, making the hearing aids 5x cheaper than alternatives.

This solution is already changing lives!

Meet Marbell

At 20 years of age, he is not able to speak and communicate because of his hearing impairment. He had to drop out of school because his peers were teasing him. Thanks to our affordable hearing aid, he is now learning to speak and will soon be returning to school!

The Sanitary Pad Initiative

Includes two enterprises:

  • Lilypads in Kenya
  • Sanitree in India

Entrepreneurial model

In both communities we train unemployed women to produce and sell affordable reusable sanitary pads to women and girls in their communities. This completely eliminates the need for women to use old dirty rags or leaves to manage their menstruation. Furthermore, by delivering free menstrual and reproductive health education to their entire communities, our female entrepreneurs are challenging social stigmas and reducing the spread of dangerous sexually transmitted diseases.

Social Impact

To date, we have been able to provide more than 3,000 women and girls with sanitary pads, ensuring that they have confidence and dignity during their periods!


To thank you for your support, we have some great rewards, which you can see listed on the right-hand side of this page.

We hope that you can see we are very enthusiastic students with big ideas and lots of passion to see them succeed! Every donation we receive will help us get one step closer to this once in a lifetime opportunity – to showcase our life changing projects on a global stage at the Enactus World Cup!

Thank you!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Thank you note

Tagged thank you on Facebook or a private message if you'd like to remain anonymous.

£10 or more

International Thank you

We'll post a photo to you on Facebook taken by one of our members whilst in Ghana, Kenya or India (it’s your choice) visiting our projects. Every photo will be unique!

£15 or more

Postcard from Abroad

We'll send a postcard with a photo from one of our international trips and a personalised thank you message.

£25 or more

Bespoke Goodies

We'll print you a bespoke Enactus Edinburgh 3D printed key ring + all of the above.

£50 or more

Framed Memories

We'll send you a framed photograph taken on one of our international project trips + all of the above!

£75 or more

Honorary Member

We'll be printing T-shirts especially for the World Cup. Become an honorary member of the team with one our shirts! + all of the above

£100 or more

Candle Hamper

One of our local social projects, Edinburgh Candle Company, works with women in difficult circumstances and aims to improve their lives. Part of what they do is make environmentally friendly soy wax candles. Receive a hamper with 3 candles! + all of the above

£150 or more

Full Package of Goodies

Key ring, Framed Photo, T-shirt and an Edinburgh Candle Company hamper.

£250 or more

Meet and Greet

Meet the very team you've helped to send to California to share our story in our beautiful city of Edinburgh! Be part of the team as we go for food and drinks in Edinburgh and reminisce over stories from San Jose.

£500 or more


Let your company or brand travel with us to California! We will wear your sponsorship with pride on our Team UK t-shirts!

£1,000 or more

Sustainability Partner

One of our local projects provides training and employment opportunities to some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Edinburgh through bee-keeping. With this donation we will name one of our beehives after you! You will forever be part of our team, helping to reintegrate the most underprivileged in Edinburgh.

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