Send Simon Gregg to the ATM Easter Conference

by Simon's friends in London, England, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Send Mr G to the ATM Conference to continue his inquiry into wonderful ways to teach maths- impacting his pupils, colleagues & his PLN

by Simon's friends in London, England, United Kingdom

Simon is a teacher who is fascinated by maths. He is especially interested in working out how to bring a student-led and play-rich approach to mathematics learning. As you probably know, he is also great at sharing these approaches with colleagues and instigating interesting conversations and reflection on good practice.

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics conferences have been recommended to Simon by colleagues who have found them great sources of inspiration and quality training.

Simon would like to go to this year's conference during his April school holidays.

The cost is £540 for the four days residential. I'm sure we can raise the money to send Simon to the conference and, without even asking, there will be many fascinating blog posts and conversations (both face-to-face & on Twitter) that Simon will share with us in return!

Let's make 'Send Simon Gregg to the ATM Easter Conference' happen