Send Ryan to the Olympics!

Send Ryan to the Olympics!

Clacton boy Ryan and his big dreams of representing team GB on the boarders-cross competition circuit! :)

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Boarder-cross is a snowboard discipline where competitors race down a fast paced course,  the highest level is seen at the Xgames and the Olympics which I can work towards given the opportunity!

If you know me then you will know that for the last 5 years snowboarding has been a big part of my life, I have completed 4 ski seasons where Ive been out to the alps and worked all winter giving me the opportunity to snowboard a lot, this in turn helped me get pretty good at the sport.

Good enough that last summer I got selected to go to Hemel Hamstead to try out for the British national GBX team. I  managed to secure a sought after spot on the GB team for the coming winter. The problem is that British snow sports do not get any funding from the government. For me to achieve my goal of competing for the GB team and potentially heading to the Olympics and Xgames I need your help!

If I were to successfully raise the required funds I would head over to Austria in October, train intensely as part of a select few for 2-3 months before heading onto the competition circuit for the last 2 months, aiming to do well enough to get spotted, sponsored and even chosen for the Olympic team.

I know you will have nothing to gain by sponsoring me, but with your backing this dream can become reality and I can compete for British sport, I would be forever grateful knowing that you gave me the opportunity.

Your donation will only be accepted if I reach my target so dont be shy :)

Thanks for reading!