Send our Gretsch to his happy place!

Send our Gretsch to his happy place!

To spoil our Gretsch for once as he does so much for the local community, it is about time we showed him our appreciation! :D

We did it!

On 3rd May 2017 we successfully raised £770 with 34 supporters in 14 days

I had heard that it is Gretsch's birthday night out for the Club T masked ball that he is organising so I thought that I should speak to a couple of the girls for some ideas and see what could be accomplished!  Other things are in the pipeline too but this is something that everyone can get involved with and contribute too!  This idea came from the mind of a lovely friend of ours Belle.

What can I say about the man himself, speaking personally he has always been a great friend, someone you can ask for help and advice!  He has also been a wicked event organiser for years and years and years!  Has done pretty much all types of event from the LGRA to Cabaresque (which raised thousands for charity) to the monopoly to one of my favourites Club T plus the Club T visits and more...

So what are we asking of you?  To donate as much as you want to even a pound or two in the kitty will help!

Why?  Well he never asks anything for himself so I am doing that for him!

Make sure you claim your cuddles and there will be cake as I am not above bribery and corruption!  ;)

Thanks all

Clara xxx

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