Send me to fear farm

Send me to fear farm

I have terminal bone cancer... help me realise a dream before I get to bad to travel.

We did it!

On 16th May 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 49 days

I have cancer...

I've come to terms with that but still have a bucket of my life long dreams is to visit and perform in my alter ego "chaos the king of clowns" it's not hard just walk round a bit and just be me but,getting there is the one wants to insure my dew to having cancer I've found a few that will but the costs of travel insurance hotels std is high for me to afford this is were you guys(and gals) come in.fear farm have already said they will welcome me with open arms(cheers Kris!!) And i will be performing(glamorous way of saying scaring the p**s out of grown adults while they wait to go in!!) For the week including halloween(my favourite day of the year!!) This is something that I've done since 1999 I've always loved dressing up as my alter ego. As you can tell I'm not that good at writing story's but all I can say is this is a life long dream of mine and I desperately need your help.

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