Send Jeremy & Corbyn to #TORIESOUT Demo, London

Send Jeremy & Corbyn to #TORIESOUT Demo, London

Help 'Jeremy and Corbyn: A Post-Truth novel' reach its audience. This is a book for the movement, not big business publishing!

We did it!

On 22nd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 2 supporters in 5 days

This is a FLASH CrowdFunder for those attending the July 1st demonstration in London: #TORIESOUT!

This is a book for activists, not big publishing.

Ahead of the first print-run of 'Jeremy and Corbyn: A Post-Truth novel', advanced copies are being made available for those attending the #TORIESOUT demo in London. Support the distribution of the book directly to activists, cutting out the usual big business distribution outlets.

Order for just £10, pay no postage & packaging as you would on Amazon.

The target is to raise £250 by the end of Monday, June 18th. That means just 25 people ordering copies of the book - share with your friends, comrades, trade union and labour branches! In that way we can buy off the printer through an 'economy of scale' (discounted for buying in bulk). It is cheaper than buying off Amazon, and more will go to the author and less to the distributors.

If we are successful your book will be sent to a distribution point in parliament square to be picked up by yourself on the day. And if you are willing to pose for a photo with the book for publicity purposes, the author would be most grateful!

If we don't Achieve the target needed for the July 1st delivery, don't worry, you'll still get your book. Your donation will be added as a £10 reward to the regular CrowdFunder:

For more information and a preview of the first three chapters:

  • The world's first 'Post-Truth' Novel - a work of literary 'faction'.
  • A tale told from left and right, youth and experience, Greece and Britain, hope and despair - a fictional re-telling of the struggles of 2015.
  • Includes actual speeches and debates mischievously re-spun, exposing the inner development of the politics of our time.
    A work a year in the writing from debut author Simon L Baxter.
  • Preview the first three chapters at
  • A tale of historical and political ‘faction’ from debut author Simon L Baxter.

The world’s first Post-Truth novel, 'Jeremy and Corbyn' is the answer to the challenge of the moment for political fiction writers everywhere. A fictional re-telling of the real events of 2015, including actual speeches and debates mischievously re-spun, the fictitious world of ‘Jeremy and Corbyn’ speaks a profound truth about the stranger-than-fiction political era we have now entered.

Friends since childhood, Jeremy and Corbyn grew up to be very different people, yet maintained their friendship through a combination of inertia and routine. Now all that is about to be put to the test.

Austerity Britain, the Scottish referendum, Labour’s general election defeat, the mass migration of refugees into Europe, the crisis in Greece, and, of course, the Labour Party leadership contest; around these tumultuous events a story is woven of an establishment in crisis; of hope and alienation; of Reform and Revolution.

Join Jeremy, Corbyn, a shadowy right-wing network known only as the ‘Inner Steel’, a Greek student named Amalia, and a cat called ‘El Gato’, as they navigate a period in political history where everything changed, and nothing would ever be quite the same again.


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