Send Jason to Germany

Send Jason to Germany

Please help send Jason Holbeche to Germany this August, to receive the treatment needed to help him recover. Please share on Facebook etc.

We did it!

On 14th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £12,290 of £7,560 target with 50 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

The overall costs for Jason's treatments and time in Germany amounts to £7,560. 

Anything raised above this amount will go towards the continued expenses whilst Jason is being rehabilitated in the UK.  The primary goal is for Jason and his family to return to Cambodia,  and continue fighting against the human trafficking of children with their team.

Want to know what they do? 

Thank you for making this possible.

 Love Kellie & Jason & the wee-ones xx


October 2015 saw Jason struck ill and bedbound for several months, and need to be medevacked out of Cambodia to the UK for urgent hospital tests. The doctors found bronchial pneumonia and suspected he had contracted dengue fever; he has been told that he has post viral fatigue syndrome by the hospital consultant. 

Please help Jason to receive the treatments needed by supporting today. In faith the accommodation and the clinic has been booked at His Place (Germany), for August 15th. Heidi & Rolland Baker (Iris Global Founders) have recommended this step, and we ask that you consider your support & prayers for him at this time.    Jason is now able to walk after several months in bed but still needs healing in many areas. Since October he has had memory loss to the extent of forgetting friends names and even names of animals. The doctors have told him that it could take up to 2 years for full recovery (Oct 2017).   Kellie has now taken over the running of operations in Cambodia and the speaking schedule. She is feeling the weight of this pressure along with being a wife, a mother and a carer to Jason.   

As a family they have made many lifestyle changes to help fight the fatigue whilst praying for a full recovery. It is their desire to send Jason to Germany to receive treatment at the clinic (HisPlace). Whilst there he will recieve the care  and medication which is needed at this time to help him recover, and see him return to life in a way which willl bless both him and his family.


Will you help us raise the following?

Financial Needs:

HisPlace = $10,220 USD / £7,560 GBP

Tax Effective Giving

  Are you a UK tax payer? if so please give through this 'Gift Aid' link:   Are you a US citezen? You can bennefit  by donating through a 501c3   Cheques are also accepted in UK & US, simply email Jason at  

Lets get Jason back fighting against the Trafficking of Chidren soon! THANK YOU

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