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; Creativities - Providing people with mental health issues an avenue for creativity and achievement.

by sapphire in Glasgow


Semi Colon Creativities:

Everyone knows someone that suffers from some from of Mental Health Issues,

Whether it be Anxiety, OCD, Bipolar, Social Anxiety, Depression, Low self esteem, PTSD

What some people do not understand is how destroying and debilitating it can be. Some people manage to cope well with the right support and sometimes medication. Some people find it a little bit more difficult and a lot of people are Unable to leave there own homes due to the fear of leaving there safe place.

A lot of people suffering from mental health can fall into the cycle of staying home, not socialising or partaking in any work. Sometimes they have no motivation due to depression or sometimes they think there is nothing that they can do or that they are not good at anything. 

Semi Colon Creativities aims to make a difference about this.


Semi Colon Creativities aims too allow people suffering from mental health the opportunity to express there anxiety’s and troubles into creating beautiful hand made jewellery.

This can included bracelets, bangles, necklaces, key-rings and charms.


Once these items are completed and made they may choose to keep them or they can be sold to friends and family for a small price.

Disuputing to all customers within the United Kingdom, Europe and United States.

This gives people a sense of worth and achievement and also enables them to use this as a way to preoccupy there mind.

Semi Colon Creativities aims to provide jewellery making kits at low cost price to people suffering from mental health problems: Kits will include everything needed to make a selection of lovely pieces of jewellery or accessories, Complete with small gift boxes as well as instruction manuals giving them step by step guides of how to achieve this.

To add to this 10% of all sales will be donated towards the mind mental health charity every month.

This is giving people a chance to express themselves via a creative avenue and giving them achievements and control in a world that due to mental health issues doesn’t always give them.

Your pledges will help towards the start up of this company. It will help provide for:


  • Website maintenance/building
  • Materials/Kits
  • Gift Boxes/Presentation Boxes
  • Postage/Packaging Materials
  • Preparations for Monthly News Letters for all subscribers.
  • And much more.


Semi Colon Creativities has a strong passion for starting and mantaining this business Our owners all suffer from varying degrees of mental health issues.

If you have any questions regarding this project please do not hesitate to contact us.



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