SELFWORTH - Streetwear promoting mental health.

by Daniel Kent in Hull, England, United Kingdom

SELFWORTH - Streetwear promoting mental health.


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SELFWORTH aims to help tackle the negative stigma around mental health by sparking the conversation of mental health through streetwear.

by Daniel Kent in Hull, England, United Kingdom

Selfworth was recently released to help create a positive conversation around the importance of talking and sharing how you feel in a safe way. 

I created selfworth through my experience of being a counsellor and working in mental health professionally. 

Seeing the stigma around mental health and people being reluctant to talk about how they feel due to fear of judgement or being seen as weak made me feel like something needs to be done. 

Fashion is something that we tend to take pride in as people, so creating selfworth is all about encourage people of all ages to take pride in maintaining positive mental health. 

Clothing items purchased from Selfworth will help raise funds for registered mental health charities that need it most, to ensure that as well as raising awareness of mental health positivity, that we can help already established charities with the same cause!

This crowdfunding will go towards promoting and marketing selfworth to help to grow the brand and to ultimately spread that message that it is not a weakness to share how you feel. 


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