Selfless Upahar Project

by Nikhil Ramgi in London, England, United Kingdom


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We are five students on a mission to raise funds making pregnancy safer for mother and child in villages of Bangladesh

by Nikhil Ramgi in London, England, United Kingdom

O U R   M I S S I O N

We are helping create a world in which there are no preventable deaths of new-borns, where pregnancy is not seen as a time of grief, and standards of childbirth are not determined by social status.

U P A H A R   B A B Y   B U N D L E S

UPAHAR means gift in Bengali

Baby Bundles are based on the UK’s Bounty Packs. They are low cost and evidence-based interventions to make pregnancy safer for mother and child.

According to the WHO 2.5 million children die within the first month of life in 2017, that translates to over 6000 deaths per day. 75% of all new-born deaths can be prevented with access to healthcare (WHO).

We provide simple and affordable interventions that have been shown to decrease new-born and mother mortality.

A Baby Bundle is a kit with the essential for postpartum care. The reusable Bundle bag is made from organic, locally sourced jute, made by local women. The content of the Bundle is backed with evidence-based interventions to support improved postnatal care and essential parent information as recommended from the WHO.

m – H E A L T H

  • In Bangladesh the number of people that have access to mobile phone has increased greatly. By 2017 there were more than 140 million mobile phone subscribers (10th in the global ranking of mobile phone users). This has created an opportunity for the use of mobile and wireless technologies to support the achievement of health objectives. This concept is called mHealth
  • When given a Baby Bundle, the mothers give us their phone number and they are provided with culturally sensitive weekly text messages and voice messages during pregnancy. A majority of Bangladesh subscribers receive the information as entertaining mini-dramas delivered voice messages. The voice service was created to reach individuals with low literacy.
  • Receive targeted and personalized messages timed at their stage of pregnancy. The messages highlight warning signs of child’s health, information on nutrition and parenting.

O U R   W O R K   S O   F A R

  • Two pilot studies started to date with small groups of women in rural villages that have no access to health clinics. Third pilot was launched in January 2019.
  • In total 150 baby bundles given to mothers in Sylhet and 1000 to mothers in the Rohingya refugee camp.
  • 1st pilot : In August 2018, Upahar Bundles were delivered to pregnant women by community health workers and medical students in Sylhet. Beneficiaries were asked about their previous obstetric history, preference for location of birth, and intentions regarding breastfeeding. Followed beneficiaries by community health care workers (CHW) for the next six months to track health outcomes of mother and baby.

O U R   M O T H E R’ S   S T O R I E S

Ayesha’s story:

‘I lived in fear about my pregnancy. I could not afford any care. More than money, I wanted to know that someone out there cared about me and my unborn child. This Bundle is amazing. It is a small gift but the people who gave it to me have big hearts.’


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