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by Gemma foord in Sittingbourne, England, United Kingdom

Self care


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I am desperate to invest in myself and my education. My goal is train in an new industry and open a luxury beauty business

by Gemma foord in Sittingbourne, England, United Kingdom

1622512572_94846f17-76cb-4296-b4f2-858fe70ccdc2.jpegDuring the pandemic I looked after the elderly suffer ending with dementia that have covid and unfortunately leading to them passing away. During this time I suffered massively with depressions. This caused problems with my husband leading to our separation. I am not living in a temporary flat and on universal credits. This is not what I wanted for my life and I need to do something about it.

Ny dream is to open a space full of pure luxury, I have many medical conditions and I find it hard to find a place I can truest relax and feel good and be affordable.

I want to training in Botox, semi-permeate make-up and more. The only thing is it is very expensive and I need help.

I promise you I will work hard and make this a success, I can’t fail for my children’s sake. I want them to see an independent women achieve if her goals.

Thank you  

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