Self Publishing Book on soul journey thru divorce

by Kathleen Hester Buckley Cable in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Self Publishing Book on soul journey thru divorce
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I am aiming to raise money towards the self publication of my book with Hay House UK.

by Kathleen Hester Buckley Cable in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

 Helping women going through anxiety of seperation and divorce. Mine is story that is sadly not uncommon but for the past 4 years, I have been chronicaling my journey in my personal diaries. And now i want to make these journals and my my story public. I want to tell women, in my position, that everything is going to be okay, that what they are feeling is normal and okay and  to own their feelings.

I want to share my story from depression to success through my  spiritual growth and just to say you are not alone. I want to provide a book that I was looking for whilst I was going through the process but never found. A story of pure positivity and encouragement.  Its not male bashing or brimming with resentment with examples of revenge, but rather I describe  how I took charge of my life and how i went from victim to victor and  found blessings in the everyday tiny things. I learned how to detach from the situation to see the big picture and not focus on what i had taken away from me but rather because of the situation what new opportunities I had in front of me.  

In 2013, my husband walked out abruptly after confessing his on going affair with a woman 13 years his junior, leaving me and our 3 children to 'get over it'.  Needless to say I was devastated and distraught. My saving grace and my escape was my personal journaling which I have reconfigured into a book which I want to self publish through Hay House UK to help women like me see the light in the darkness.

Raised as a Christian, I turned to prayer and which led me to the study of metaphysics. I wanted to understand why this happened (what on earth did God have planned for me or want from me) but also what I was going to do with the experience i.e sit in a corner and cry (which I did sometimes) or get up and plough through. I learned how to cope by  learning Reiki, spiritual healing, oracle card reading, various meditation practises and finally becoming a Certified Angel Intuitive and opening my own spiritual healing practise.

I want my book to just let other women in this world know that someone understands them. That i have been exactly in their situations. I go through and describe my initial reactions to my husband's departure, my depression during my unemployment, hitting rock bottom during mediation and divorce proceedings. Its an honest account. I'm no saint. I admit i sent crazy angry texts and exploded from time to time. I'm human. But I also came out the otherside brighter than ever and so will they!

Make my wish come true to help other women, like myself,  find comfort and solace whilst reading my story about my journey from despair and depression to spiritual enlightnment  and success following a painful seperation and divorce and to prove that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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As a reward and big, big thank you, I pledge to include, in my book, the names of those who contributed towards its fees for self publication (i.e. all you guys and gals who donate) as without your support it wouldn't have been possible to make a positive contribution in this world.

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