Self funding Child Community and Educational Psych

Self funding Child Community and Educational Psych

Self-funding of Doctorate in Child Community and Educational Psychology. I have a secured 1 of 2 hugely competitive places at the Tavi!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello potential funders... I am looking for support to self fund my Doctorate in Child Community and Educational Psychology at the Tavistock & Portman clinic starting September 2017 after securing a place in a hugely competitive arena!

I am passionate about supporting mental health and emotional well being in children and young people - In my personal life I have battled profound deafness, teenage homelessness, exploitation, drug and alcohol abuse and turned my life into a positive story. I put myself through univeristy while working full-time and supporting my son.. all with the dream of helping others in  similar difficult situations. My experience has made me a resilient, empathetic and objective psychologist able to apply theory to real life situations... essential skills for training!

It seems I am so close to my dream I can almost touch it, but as ever in my life the chosen path is not straight forward. I need to raise the fees for this course £13K in year 1, £7k in year 2 and £7k in year 3. After calculating what I can afford myself I have figured leaves me a shortfall of17k.

Please please, help make my dreams come true, who knows how far reaching the money you donate will be?