Self-Flying Aeroplane - You Can Make it Happen!

Project by Rokon

I am looking forward to your kind support to complete an MSc in Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics and Control at Cranfield University.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Thank you for wanting to read my story. I am a maths supply-teacher with a BSc in Computer Engineering. Worked for Ling Dynamic Systems and Autonomy Systems before becoming a teacher. I have always wanted to complete an MSc in this field of study, but due to family commitments and financial restrictions it has not been possible so far. I was unable to complete an MSc in Automation, Robotics and Control engineering as I was unable pay tuition fees. This is way back in 1996. Thanks to the government's initiative, I have taken a student loan to pay the tuition fees. It is a full-time master's programme, so, I will not be able to work for the duration of the course, hence, I am looking forward to your kind support. Cranfield University is a renown education institute for Aerospace engineering. My course, Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics and Control MSc (AVDC), will enable me to design autonomous vehicles, special self-flying aeroplanes. I am sure you will want to know my suitability for this course, and crucially can I really design a self-flying aeroplane. First and foremost, I have an offer from Cranfield University to study AVDC. Secondly, so to speak, I have a good understanding of the key ingredients to design a self-flying aeroplane. These ingredients are, mathematical backgrounds, Digital Signal Processing (almost every single electronics devices have this), Control Theory (your central heating regulator), computer programming (a self-flying aeroplane's pilot is a computer programme) and Kalman Filter (your satnav has this). I believe, AVDC will give me a solid grounding to fulfil my ambition of designing a self-flying aeroplane. Now, self-flying aeroplane is not a new concept at all, but it is neither a finished product. Therefore, I believe with your help, I can contribute to the development of a self-flying aeroplane. I believe the self-flying aeroplane will be safer and will possibly reduce flying costs. And hopefully, the self-flying aeroplanes will not go on strike during school holidays! At Cranfield I will not only have access to the world-class knowledge and facilities, but will have potential access o their world-leading business partners too, such as; Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin to name a few. This might be my final chance to pursue an MSc at Cranfield, because I have already differed once. I will acknowledge your contribution in my MSc thesis, depending on the donation level. I appreciate your time in reading my story, and I hope you will be a part of the advancement of knowledge in self-flying aeroplane.

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