Self Build Land Fund

Project by thebat
Self Build Land Fund

To buy land for a self build home for my recovering wife.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My wife survived a brain tumour and now has epilepsy that is controlled with medication. We want to buy some land to build a bungalow in the countryside so that she is away from the stresses of modern living and this will hopefully help her health. Even though she hasn't been well my wife still tries to help others as much as possible and is part of a charity that brings children over from areas that have been badly affected by the Chernobyl incident to give them a health break. If we had a house in the countryside the children that come over to stay with us would have a safer and healthier enviornment away from heavy traffic and city pollution. We are able to fund a self build mortgage ourselves but we could do with some help to buy the land. Many thanks to anyone who contributes it will mean the world to us.

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