Selce's Solar'tastic Third Share Offer

by giovanna in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 31st December 2019 we successfully raised £250 with 1 investors in 31 days

We are raising £260K to install solar panels on 4 sites in SE London

by giovanna in London, England, United Kingdom

Make London’s electricity greener and fairer with South East London Community Energy (SELCE)

Join SELCE’s green energy revolution. We are a non-for-profit co-operative that specialise in raising funds to install solar panels on community buildings in SE London.

We raise the money for our solar projects through ‘community share offers’.  Anyone can become an investor and you can buy shares from a minimum of £250 to a maximum of £20,000. 

Shares can be reclaimed after three years and retained investments will be returned automatically after 20 years.

The best thing about a community share offer is that everyone wins: 

  • the investors receive a projected annual interest payment of 3% 
  • the community buildings get lower electricity bills and more money to spend on the things they need 
  • the solar panels reduce carbon emissions and air pollution 
  • and any surplus SELCE receives from the project is put into our work to reduce fuel poverty in SE London.

The story so far:

SELCE was formed by a group of SE Londoners five ago.  None of us knew each other before the co-operative was formed but we all shared a vision of a fairer, healthier, low-carbon future.

 We decided to begin making this vision a reality by generating renewable energy that is not just produced locally but that is owned and governed by the people who use it. 

We have already made great strides forward. SELCE’s first and second share offers raised £360,000 to install 326kWp of solar energy on seven primary schools in Greenwich and Lewisham.

For us the low carbon revolution that we are working towards is as much about addressing energy inequalities and supporting the most vulnerable in our community as it is about generating renewable energy. Ever since our inception we have worked to tackle fuel poverty and have provided expert energy advice to over 2600 households as well as enabling 160 of them to save energy and money by accessing grant funding to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. 

In recognition of the quality diversity of our work this year SELCE won both the Community Energy England Social Impact Award as well as the Renewable Energy Association’s Award for Best Community initiative

Our third share offer:

We are raising £260K to install solar panels on four sites in SE London. See

  • Projected 3% return on investment
  • Sites will generate 217,326kWh of clean green electricity and reduce CO2e by 80 metric tonnes annually
  • £40,000 of the surplus will be used to expand the work we are already doing to reduce fuel poverty in London
  • ·         Share offer closes: 9th December

The next share offer will support St Luke’s Church in Downham, Thamesmead and Coldharbour Leisure Centres in Greenwich and The Aluna Moon Clock to access low cost, carbon saving solar electricity.

Join us and be a community energy pioneer. You can invest anything between £250 and £20,000

Where does the money come from?

Income for our projects comes from three sources: Feed-in Tariffs (a Government subsidy designed to support the development of renewable energy); sales of electricity to the sites (at a substantially reduced rate relative to the current electricity costs); and sales of electricity to the grid. This will allow SELCE to maintain and ensure the solar array and provide investors with a projected 3% return investors.

A last investment opportunity for the foreseeable future

Even though the government recently reduced the subsidies for solar generators, SELCE has secured a ‘pre-accredited’ Feed-in Tariff rate that will enable the co-operative to continue to pay investors an annual interest of 3%. (target)

However, our ‘pre-accredited’ Feed-in Tariff rate only applies to the buildings in our third community share offer. This is a great opportunity to secure a good rate of interest, support community cohesion and significantly reduce carbon emissions. We urge you to make the most of this offer while it is available. 

SELCE – making a difference to the lives of Londoners now and in the future.

Levels of Investment

£250 or more

Projected 3% annual interest

Projected annual 3% interest

£250 or more

80 metric tonnes of CO2 avoided annually

80 metric tonnes of CO2 avoided annually

£250 or more

A warm fuzzy green feeling

The find of warm feeling inside that you get from having done the right thing by both people and planet

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