Seize the Vote - Political Education Programme

Seize the Vote - Political Education Programme

Funding for resources, events, and getting the project up and running

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On 19th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Seize the Vote aims to ensure the sustainability of a high youth turnout in  British elections by introducing political education workshops in schools aimed at educating young people about political participation. It is aimed to stimulate children through fast-paced, interactive and relatable activities that are disassociated from the classroom style of teaching. It is hoped that this could branch out into utilising a wide range of multimedia and social media platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook where infographics and animations on various political topics could be shown to continue informing young people outside the workshop.

Workshops are aimed at school children from ages 16-18 who live/study in London. In particular, we are aiming to educate children from BME (black and minority ethnic) backgrounds living in the inner city and children who are recipients of free school meals, under the assumption that these children are more likely to grow up politically disengaged.

We also aim to appeal to headteachers, teaching professionals and faculty members.

P.S: If you are 16-24 and spent your secondary school or sixth form years in London, please take part in our two surveys: and Thank you! :)

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