Segway Wheelchair Fundraiser

by Chris Lynch in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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I'm raising money to purchase a revolutionary new wheelchair that will give me a new lease of life and independence.

by Chris Lynch in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Hi guys, 

As some of you may know, I've a rare genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. It has resulted in nearly 100 broken bones and affects the body in many other ways as it is actually a soft tissue connective disorder.

I've been using a manual wheelchair permanently since I was a young child and I recently came across the OMEO, a revolutionary Segway-based wheelchair that has the ability to completely transform my life. 

There are so many things that I long to do that just are not possible and a huge number of day to day tasks that I am reliant on other people to help me with. Things such as walking a dog, going on to the beach, going on forest trails and even taking my rubbish out. 

These however are all made possible due to the unique way the OMEO has been developed. It operates using hands-free technology, meaning I can carry things and move at the same time, and, given it has an all-terrain wheel kit, it can go on various types of surfaces in a safe way that previously just wasn't possible. 

I've had the opportunity to demo the chair recently and I can't tell you enough how much of a game changer this will be in giving me a whole new lease of life. Allowing me to enjoy the outdoors and experience a whole new level of freedom and independent living. 

As I try and develop my career now as a film maker, this will also provide me with a huge opportunity to secure work that I previously haven't been able to, as it will allow me to move and carry my camera at the same time, so the benefits carry through on so many levels. 

Any money that I receive beyond my target will be donated to The Brittle Bone Society who have been amazing in helping me with so many wheelchairs in the past. 

Finally, I know that donating isn't always possible, but if you could reach out and share my story with any businesses or other individuals that may be able to help me realise my dream in getting this, it would be truly appreciated. 

Thanks for reading...

Kind Regards,


Any donation is greatly appreciated however I have a few business orientated rewards that may be of interest to companies that are interested in getting involved.

£2000 - Corporate film production consisting of camera hire, professional sound, lighting and two person crew.

£3000 - Corporate film production consisting of camera hire, professional sound, lighting and two person crew + professional drone videography. 

To claim these rewards, simply email with your details after your donation. 

Any funds raised in excess of the target shall be donated to The Brittle Bone Society who have been extremely helpful to me over the years in helping finance chairs and other equipment as well as providing on going support and advice.

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