Seeking justice against Dyfed Powys police

by David John White in Trimsaran, Wales, United Kingdom

Seeking justice against Dyfed Powys police


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I'm need to hire solicitor to represent me, a fight against 2 corrupt Carmarthenshire police men who have deliberately conspired against me

by David John White in Trimsaran, Wales, United Kingdom

Sadly my story is both shocking and disturbing, it is also quite long, two of Dyfed Powys Police have deliberately conspired with a publican to protect him from prosicution after his vicious dog bit me while I was at the publicans pub his name Mike Adams at the station house whitland Carmarthenshire S Wales 

Pc620 Gareth Jones is the main offender with his complacent co conspirator Sargent cerry page who operate from Whitland police station, have done all they can to protect Adams and have discredited me in order that Adams avoids prosicution for his dog bitting. I'm not the only victim of the dog but whitland people are not the best kind of people to ask for help, far more interested in the pub staying open so they have somewhere to drink.

I was bitten by the dog in January 2018, I contacted solicitors Irwin and Mitchell who only seem to be writers of letters, they seem unable or unwilling to use the courts even with begging from their clients. Irwin and Mitchell dumped my case saying to much evidence against me (accusations that I was warned not to approach dog). Not until Irwin and Mitchell had refused to take my case further did I find the full extent to which Jones and page had gone to to discredit me, all manner of lies and fabrication in the police report, the statement Jones took from me was nothing like the statement I was giving, I was not even allowed to read my statement before signing digitally.

Jones threatened both myself and my 77year old farther with arrest at the bequest of Adams, Jones called me on his private mobile phone to threaten and verbally abuse me.

I have complained to Carmarthenshire police and appealed but in no manner have they addressed one single point in my complaint, I have asked and asked but it appears the Carmarthenshire police have a full protection system to safe guard the members who corrupt and brake the law.

 If any body would like to talk to me further about my problems with the police I can give a fuller explanation. If I can not find resolve and closure to this I do not know what I will do. This is the third time Carmarthenshire police have literally stitched me. Back in about 2005 a wpc managed to get two witnesses to lie in court about me and she her self lied also, I appealed and won my case, ironically because they found evidence at another police station showing I could not have been I two places at once. It was a minor car prang, I reversed into another car in a car park, owned up but prosicuted for failure to stop and failure to report.after appeal I was harrased over and over again by Carmarthenshire police nearly every time I went out in my vehicle I was stopped, searched sometimes, vehicle searched every time, vehicle inspected, breathalysed, I had to get rid of the vehicle to stop the harassment.

My concern now is that pc620 Gareth Jones is just a constable at present if he is prepared to go to these lengths over what in a big picture is quite trivial what ends will he go to when crime becomes more serious like murder, rape, abuse etc etc, I'll say exactly the same for Sargent cerry page also.

I need resolve and closure, I can't cope

If you have any interest you could trawle through my Facebook page (look for Bob Bobbler I'm cuddling my collie dog in the profile photo) and read all the posts I've written about this miserable affair. If you do don't forget to read the comments and back lash I received

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