Seeing Blind. Short Graduate Film

by Joshua Vivian in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Seeing Blind. Short Graduate Film
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An NUA graduate film "Seeing Blind". An intriguing drama of a missing person and a detective both facing their own traumas when questioned

by Joshua Vivian in Norwich, England, United Kingdom




I am an NUA film student excited to make my graduation short film, this film is important to me because it's a story that deals with complex relationships, of characters coming to confronting themselves, each other and their own mistakes.


As a filmmaker since I was young, I was always intrigued by complex characters, flawed and vulnerable, confronted in intelligent story-making. A film needs to be /can be entertainment, it can be anything. But It's how something can be presented, how it stands out alongside it's writing, that's a great story. To Inspire, be seen, learn, and motivate who we are to the world. 

I have been a great admirer of detective, drama, psychological and experimental films.  These three genres coupled with great films from Christopher Nolan, like Memento or Ridley Scott's Blade Runner to Netflix's 'Criminal' TV Series. These examples provide joy, tension and intelligent stories and characters, that have motivated me to become and make the films that matter to me.

The amazing privilege and satisfaction of film for me is the collaboration and creativity in working with other creatives, to bring about a canvas of ideas, when brought together and shared, can creating an awesome story. I love seeing where filmmaking can take you, and how it can make you grow as a person, and as part of a community.


Hi, my name is Ethan and I am the cinematographer Seeing Blind. For me, this film is a story about betrayal and deception from the ones closest to us. It's a story that you hope would never happen to you, which makes this film so impactful and unique. Being the cinematographer on this project, I aim to capture this sense of betrayal and create an interesting visual tone which enhances this gritty drama.


Hi, I’m Nina Afonina, the production designer. I aim to create an atmospheric set which both compliments the visuals and story. The set will resemble a gritty dark interrogation room placing the audience in the gloomy atmosphere we are trying to create. 


The set is three walls, two either side one at the back. A mirror-like window at the side, with table/two chairs encapsulated in a darkly moody lit environment, please see reference photos for more understanding 


 Seeing Blind is just that, hiding things that are under the surface, not confronted but need to be told.

The film investigates the turbulences and suffering of our past, through an abandonment storyline that deals with familial relationships of our two characters. Kel and DC Cameron

In the film, we meet Kel, a missing person, 

Kel is a quiet, intelligent and calculating man.  Having battled through the trauma of losing his mother, abandoned and bitter, he must confront the truth when quested by a detective.  Cameron a DC/Detective Constable. A man with a tough exterior and drive to stamp out the societal wrongs in this world. However, when DC Cameron interviews Kel, we find that his traumas, bring out truths of their own, that they both struggle to confront. Often seeing blind, do we confront the mirror of the past that is in front of us.

I feel that inspirations and journey as a filmmaker have to lead me to a story/film that I wanted to give relatability, intrigue and moving journey of who we are as people. Our intention in this film is about finding who we are people and whether we are willing to confront ourselves, to learn and grow.  To be shot in a moody atmospheric interview room.


Anything you can give would mean the world to me and my team. Any donations and getting the project heard, would give a voice to this project, and work to bring a moving story and the potential for a great cast. 

Casting is at the forefront of the mind and so any contribution will help make the script come to life.

Breakdown of General (Minimum) Costs

- £600 approx for Cast - Includes Two Actors for Two Days and Rehearsal

- £75 or over for Transportations for Two Actors

- £180 for Accommodation

- £300 for Building Set, Set Materials- Interview Detective room.

TOTAL= £1,155. 




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