Seductive Angel - adult retail idea

Seductive Angel - adult retail idea

Raise funds for an online, this century, fresh, upto date, classy lingerie and adult toy store, with personal shopping and service.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I'm crowdfunding to try and raise funds for an online lingerie and adult toy shop ..... With a difference. 

About me

I am a single disabled mother of one who has been brain storming for some time for an idea to get me off benefits and get me back to work within the boundaries of my disability. I want to be able to provide for my son independently and Instil an important work ethic in him. 

I am very business minded which I got from my father, I have had many ideas come through but none of them have ticked all the boxes, so I've never gone with them. This is the first I have found that I have full confidence in that is feasible and has growth potential. 

The grand plan

I have been a conosaur of both adult toys and lingerie for a long time, as a result I have worked as an Ann Summers rep for 8 years. During my time I have seen my number of party bookings increase but sales go down, even some of my life long customers are buying less and less and I've enquired as to why. It obviously wasn't that they were not looking to buy. ..... The general consensus was 

1. It's always the same type of stock

2. It's not as risqué or sexy as it use to be 

3. The quality of the lingerie has decreased and it's looking tacky. 

4. Over priced 

It's such a shame, the adult sex industry is worth £ ?????? A year and they are missing out 

Ann Summers biggest rival is Love Honey 

I have bought from love honey in the past and it's my close friends choice of shop, I did some research on why many are favouring it over Ann summers and what it lacks..... I have found 

1. The stock is added too and changed regularly and provides for all levels from starter to extreme 

2. It is more risqué than not, some prefer, others would like a choice of both

3. The lingerie is on a par with Ann summers but not a large choice

4. Found that they have send many items back due to faulty items or not as described.

5. Great pricing 

5. Not a very personal service

5. Not very man friendly website.

From my findings I have complied the gaps in the market and how I could provide what the top 2 don't.

1. My stock of lingerie would be a wide range to cover all areas. I have found a stockist that's ranges matches that of agent provocateur but at love honey prices. The stock is good quality and has had a good approval rating at my research. It is also in uk sizes so user friendly especially for men as let's face it foreign sizing adds to the already complicated concept as women's sizing :)

2. The toy supplier I have found is also an innovator and is adding new lines all the time which are not just cheap copies of already established toys. The toy range is high quality and has gone through vigorous testing at design stage, visually everything looks high quality. They have a large range to match all levels and even do kits for those who wish to try something new but don't want to invest heavily until they have tried it.

3. Because of my low overheads other than stock, I will be able to provide a price to match that of quality and compete. 

4. Excel in both customer service and personal shopping service

5.  Having a helpline in place to help with every shopping aspect from product suggestions and info to sizing help

5. Making the website and helpline easy use for both male and female customers

6. Timely and discreet shipping

7. Loyalty system, to thank our customers. 

To make the company work I require the following things :

insurances and legal compliance applications 

Internet and phone connections 

computer and printing harware

website and online shop set up

company stationary

postage and packaging stationary 

extending my brickshed for storage 


So apart from stock overheads are limited and financially viable. 

The amount I'm trying to raise would cover all of the above. If you wish more info on break downs etc then please ask.

I have great belief in my company design and will be investing 100 per cent of my time and effort into making this the place where people choose to shop. 

Please help me make this dream come true, have a browse at the rewards I'm offering in return to thank you all for believing in me. 

Any questions please ask     

Let's fill this world with more love and less hate 

Laura x