Sedbury Space

Help us raise funds to remodel and refurbish 'Sedbury Space' - making it attractive & accessible for the benefit of the whole community.

We did it!

On 9th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £3,012 with 51 supporters in 28 days

Who we are:  We are a group of local residents in Sedbury and surrounding area, including representatives of Parish Council, local church, Village Agent and Two Rivers Housing, who have come together following a community consultation to develop a community space and encourage community participation.

Crowdfunding aim:  We're raising money to remodel and refurbish an old youth club so that the whole community can use well as the youth!

Vision: We want this new venue, 'Sedbury Space',  to be an attractive and welcoming place, with accessible facilities, that will draw people together and encourage them to get involved, and so develop an even better sense of community in the village.

We also want to provide a place right in the centre of the community where people can access services, support and advice on their doorstep, rather than having to make a round trip of over 20 miles using very limited public transport.

Plans:  We have already launched a Memory Cafe and Homework Club and are piloting a monthly drop-in for housing and benefits advice but these activities are severely limited at the moment by the difficult space.

We've got some exciting plans to remodel the space to include:                          

  • a disabled toilet,
  • baby changing facilities,
  • improved kitchen,
  • flexible meeting rooms,
  • a cafe area,
  • presentation facilities,
  • additional storage.

The back yard will also be decked out and fenced and will be accessible through new patio doors so we can have planters and do some gardening together.

Cost:  The whole building project will cost around £55,000.

Funding:  We have already been offered a generous grant of £25,000 from Barnwood Trust and have applied for grants from other funders. We want to raise at least £5,000 from crowdfunding to encourage a large number of stakeholders and demonstrate the wide local support.

Rewards:   We have received some amazing donations from local businesses and supporters further afield, to offer as rewards for those who donate through our crowdfundraising campaign - scroll down to see the full range.

Everyone who makes a donation will have their names displayed on our  list of supporters and an invitation to our celebration opening event which will take place once the work is completed.

Afterwards: Once completed Sedbury Space will:

  • host events and activities to enable relationships to develop and flourish;
  • encourage and support new initiatives to serve the community;
  • provide opportunities for volunteering and offer training ;
  • serve as an information centre, publicising community events and activities;
  • be available for other agencies (e.g. CAB, Barnardo's) to use for offering advice, support and services to local residents.

Sedbury Space will serve the community alongside other valuable community venues, offering alternative and unique amenities with its large shop front and display window, small group rooms,  fitted kitchen, enclosed outside space, broadband and presentation facilities.

How to get involved: If you would like to get involved in this project in other ways, e.g. through offering help with the building works, volunteering or participating in the activities or even starting up your own interest/self-help group with our support, then please get in touch.



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