by Francesco Cipollone in London, England, United Kingdom


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Covid-19 has completely cut all our development resources. we aim to raise capital to keep development in UK and jobs alive

by Francesco Cipollone in London, England, United Kingdom

After I've sold my Italian business I've started the consultancy company NSC42 serving European market-based in London. 

The company ambition was to deliver the best services for cybersecurity and with the revenue innovate. 

We find out a couple of niches market that we wanted to disrupt, cloud security and application security. 

We did want to create the best product in the world for both options and find a way for business to assess their risk in software development and application security in a very new way. 

Till now all the organizations operaiting in this field were USA based and we wanted to create a product original and made in the UK. 

Unfortunately, Covid has completely cut our founding and the ability to develop the product at a necessary pace, while our competition has been backed by Venture Capitalist we decided to remain private and self-funded. 

I have always been heavily involved in the community, mentoring, giving back by mentoring women in cyber and doing activity for BAME community.

Diversity is key for me and in every organization, I've aimed to have 50% of the workforce as women or representative of diversity.

Also, I've tried to support local business and organization in the UK as much as possible and not outsource abroad, nonetheless, this has proven challenging with the lack of founds. 

I've invested all myself in the project and the company and I are passionate about cybersecurity and making a product that is UK based.

I'm asking the community to support us to strive forward and keep the product here and crowdfunded.

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