Securing EUSS of the most vulnerable

by Securing the Settled Status in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

Securing EUSS of the most vulnerable
We did it
On 30th October 2019 we successfully raised £70 with 4 supporters in 56 days

The aim of our project is to raise funding to be able to cover 1 year office space rent to be able to see the service users confidentially

by Securing the Settled Status in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

On 21 June 2018 the Home Office launched a Statement of Intent around EU Settled Status. The document covers a range of technical topics, outlining who will be able to apply under the EU Settlement   Scheme,   what   requirements   applicants   must   meet,   how   to   submit   an application and how the process of obtaining status will work practically. The British   government   assured   the   EU   migrants   living   in   the   UK,   that   the   EU Settlement Scheme will be one easy process. However, as it turns out the Settlement scheme   is   an application process   which   has   a   positive   or   negative   outcome.   It   is therefore   not   a   simple   process   as   many   people   thought.  As assured by the British government , this should be aneasy process. In practice however, the path to secure the right to stay in the United Kingdom after Brexit is not as easy as assured.

We have over 25.000 EU Citizens living in Bradford who need to secure their right to continue living in the UK after Brexit  by securing the Settled or Pre-Settled Status. As two professionals Aleksandra and Karolina decided to support the most vulnerable EU Citizens to secure the Settled Status for them and their Families. 

We had been doing it since May 2019 and already completed around 150 applications successfully. Unfortunately we do not have an office which is suitable to people with disabilities, easy to enter, with the waiting area, computer space, confidential area to discuss sensitive matter. 

After looking for an office which will be available 24/7 days a week we found one. It's based near the City Centre, but the rental cost is too high as we already spent a lot of money from our own pocket to help people who didn't pay for the service. The office space is perfect (1 room with the glass wall with 4 desks) and one with 6 computers. The cost of the rent including bills and fitting the internet is approx 8000.00 per year. 

We do not get pay for our job, we do not get any funding to cover the expenses. What ever we do, we do it for free, as volunteers in our free time, as we both work. 

Karolina works as the Project Lead on Teenage Pregnancy for CNet. Aleksandra is self funded PhD researcher at University of Bradford (Law Department) conducting research around EU Settled Status and runs an international business. 

They both came with the idea of support after the new EU Settled Status had been opened to EU Migrants. They had been asked by their Service Users to help them with the application to secure their right to reside after Brexit. 

Unfortunately the law do not let people who are not OISC accredited (Immigration Adviser Level 1 Limited to EU Settlement Scheme) to help with the application and give the immigration advice. So Aleksandra decided to go for it. She got registered with the OISC in May 2019 just to be able to help their Community to reduce the stress with this very difficult for some people registration process. 

Aleksandra and Karolina organise meetings, seminars, talks for EU Citizens in Bradford in own time without any financial contribution covering some expenses from the own pocket. We ask you to contribute to the rent that Aleksandra and Karolina can continue the work they do as most of the cases is complicated and people need to scan the documents, attached the documents to the system, scan ID etc. 

This kind of service needs an office based on the ground floor. Please support us! 

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