Secret Touch Health Club

Our health club needs a flagship base. Help us refurbish a derelict building in Carshalton so we can wider service the community.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Challenge

The government  has long voiced their concerns surrounding the rise in obesity and mental health in particular; depression, anxiety and  stress. In recent years, doctors, counsellers and even the Royals have identified the need to break the stigma on mental health and the importance of promoting healthy eating and exercise in schools, the home and workplace.

It is estimated that 1 in 6 people this week has experienced a common mental health problem.

The Solution 

We at Secret Touch Health Club work together with our clients to provide a holistic service of not just physical wellbeing but also mental. 

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve mental health. Regular fitness can have a profound and positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD and more.

At present we provide a mobile service; travelling to client's home, parks, church hall and a variety of gyms. We work with disabled college students; as well as provide after-school clubs.

Our clients love the combination of services we provide from stress busting Boxercise, hip shaking Zumba to therapeutic Reiki. However what would really improve our services is the opportunity to grow our community positively by offering these services from one static location; somewhere you can go to unlock your full potential.

On successful running of this campaign, we intend to collabrate with medical professionals and marriage/relationship counsellers, taking on referrals at highly subsidise fees to fully support our clients.

We strongly believe we've got a model that can help not just a few people in our borough but the wider community and people around the world as we continue to break the silence barrier on mental health which is strongly linked to physical wellbeing.

Therefore you can help us by

  • Donating whatever you can afford to help us on our journey
  • Pledging on one of our exclusive and limited edition offers
  • Sharing the link to help spread the word and awareness to our cause

The Rewards

Hand Crafted Hemitate Gemstone bracelet

Limited edition t-shirt & bracelet

Limited Edition Gym Kit 

Our limited edition hoody & snap cap

Limited edition set

Hoody, snap cap & 1 month gym pass

Limited edition t-shirt, 1 month gym pass and a personal training session

Say hello to a healthier you... (free PT session, 2 months gym pass and unlimited classes)

Invest in what matters most.... YOU! (1 year free gym membership and more)

Will you help us?

With many big names in the business, we know that lauching a company is not easy. But in order to spread your wings and fly, you first first take that leap. There are numerous pop up gyms; however very few offer the overall holistic approach we are proposing. There is much true in the saying, "Prevention is better than cure". Keeping the body and mind active can prevent a great number of illnesses and indeed is the secret to long life.

Our Goal

Our fundraising goal is to raise £50,000. This will allow us to expand ourselves in the Carshalton. 

By pledging on one of our rewards, you will help us get up and running. Whilst we are putting our entire savings into this project, the building we are seeking, requires complete restoration. We do not have any outside investors so your support is very much appreciated. The money raised will help significantly help with the reapirs to the building and purchase of gym equipment.

Further progress videos will follow as we keep you up-to-date on every step of the way.


When the health club be open?

If this crowdfunder is successful, we will open our doors in October 2017! Whoop whoop!!

What if you don't make your target?

If we do not meet our target, all the money you have pledged will be returned to you and we will not get anything. We hope this does not happen, however if it does, we will have to postpone the opening of Secret Touch Health Club and continue to provide a mobile service.

When will I receive my rewards? 

On success of this crowdfunder, your rewards will be delivered by the estimated date provided. 

Help us, help others.... If we are able to raise the funds, we will be able to open our flagship store and rejuvenate the area by restoring a derelict building. More over, we will be able to generate 5 x new job opportunities as we expand our team. So even if you are unable to donate, PLEASE  join us on our journey by sharing and spreading the word! Our hashtag.... #secrettouchhealth

THANK YOU in advance for your support!!!