Secret Sausage Shop needs your Support

Life is too short for mediocre sausage! With your support we will provide employment & training opportunities.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have been producing sausages in our EC approved sausage manufacturing unit since last year (2017) in Bishop's Stortford, Herts. Bishop's Stortford was the perfect launching pad for my business and  I would not be where I am today without the help and support of the local community.

While starting in Bishop's Stortford was integral to the growth of my business, I now wish to expand and take on new members of staff - bless him my dad is currently helping out but should be retired and to give him a well deserved rest and the business a boost we need additional staff. Unfortunately, the business is still currently loss making so my only route to raise the necessary funds is crowd funding. 

Providing employment & training opportunities will enable us to increase both the volume and expand our range that we currently produce. 

Over the past year I have grown the business to the stage where we now supply one supermarket store in Bishop's Stortford called Eat17  Our sausages can also be found at local pubs and restaurants.  

Initially, I started the company to introduce Gourmet German Sausages into the British market. Over time my range has has grown substantially (where we have around 100 different sausages from all over the World) and just to name a few of our sausages to give you a flavour *(please forgive the pun): 

  • How's Your Father - A peppery sausage (which is my personal favourite and includes cracked black pepper)
  • The Bishop's Stortford - A complex sausage for the discerning person of Bishop's Stortford  (which contains pepper, nutmeg, ginger, mace, with back notes of sage and clove - WOW!)
  • The Mountfitchet - As it is prone to flooding - it contains lots of leek! 
  • The Town Centre - For a hot night out - contains whole grain mustard! 
  • Lamb & Mint - A classic sausage - mint - what better combination with lamb?  
  • The Hog Roast - The taste of Hog Roast in A Sausage! 
    • A multi-award winning sausage - Silver Medal winner at the Great Framlingham Sausage Festival and Gold in a sausage festival near Southampton. 

We only use 100% sweet pork shoulder as I am a massive foodie and life is simply too short for mediocre sausage!  I believe this is simply the best part of the pig to use as it is literally the sweetest meat and by taking whole shoulders of pork and putting to good use the time, energy and effort to properly de-bone the shoulder it creates sausages magic ! As shoulder meat contains the perfect amount of fat in my humble opinion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


We are currently the only EC approved sausage manufacturing facility in Hertfordshire which means we offer cleanliness levels far exceeding 5 stars, offer full traceability, and everything has to be sent away for analysis etc i.e. our gluten free sausages have a score under 5 (which is phenominal as anything under 20 is amazing for celiacs. 

I believe passionately in trying to make a difference to society and to that end I have also taken the decision to remove plastic from my business (by the January 2018!) following Sir David Attenborough's Blue Planet 2 discovery of the increasing devastating impact that plastic is having on our oceans and the plight that th by wrapping up sausages sold over the counter in paper (just like Jones the butcher in Dad's army!) and using cardboard as packaging for pubs, restaurants etc wish me luck and certainly the new staff will be able to get involved in this.  


The New Members of Staff

The new members of staff will be trained up to achieve their Level 1 Food Hygiene including HACCP Principles / Allergen Awareness. They will then have an opportunity to go on to gain Level 2 and Level 3. They will learn the art of butchery and the secret behind sausage making!  We will not discriminate against any person wishing to apply particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The Members of Staff will give us:

  • The ability to cater for more out door events using our own fantastic sausages. 
  • The ability to market our sausages further afield (as I have realised I cannot do this on my own). 
  • The ability to deliver our sausages to a wider market.  

Where the money will go:

  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Paying their salaries, pension and Employers National Insurance 
  • Developing with the new members of staff new varieties of sausages - one of my long term dreams is to invent a truly delicious extremely low fat sausage! 

Taking on new staff has always been a long term dream and now, with your support, we can make this happen! Thank you for your time and any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated. 

p.s. my 10 year old son shot the video which I think is pretty good for a first effort :0)

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