The Secret Diary of a White Supremacist

by Kirsten Obank in Marlow, England, United Kingdom

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Melissa's brother spends all his time online. Melissa's brother got a gun for his birthday. Melissa's brother wants to take back control.

by Kirsten Obank in Marlow, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any additional money we raise will go towards more time in our rehearsal space, further workshops and taking the play to other venues in other cities. We'd love to take the play to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or VAULT and try to educate as many people on this topic as possible. 

The Play

The Secret Diary of a White Supremacist is a play that I've spent the last three years writing. I wrote it after learning about some things that made me angry, and I decided to channel that anger into something useful, something positive. My hope is that this play will be educational, and will shine a light on a subject that gets ignored in our education system. But to find out what that is, you'll have to come and see it...

We've been very fortunate that The Space has chosen this play to be a part of their Spring Season; they're taking a chance on us and giving us a week's run in April.

You can read about it here: 

Without giving too much away, the play covers topics such as: racism, colonialism, nationalism, gun violence, the far right in America, social amnesia and misogyny. There's also a few laughs in there too, I think.

It's my belief that all art should challenge us; it should make us feel something powerful and if possible, change the way we see the world or ourselves. With hard work and the help of others who believe in this too, we'll make this run the best it can be, and then continue to work on it and take it to audiences further afield. 

The Team

Rebecca Loudon - Director (Previous work includes: The Indecent Musings of Miss Doncaster 2007 (Camden Fringe, VAULTS Festival 2020), Swimming by Alex Bower (White Bear Theatre), Cockamamy by Louise Coulthard (Hope Theatre, Edinburgh Festival, Camden Fringe))

Kirsten Obank - Writer, Actor

Ellie Loudon - Designer

Jacob Welsh - Sound Design

Check out for more about the team!

Our cast is: Jack Crutch, Aly Cruikshank, Stephanie Rojas and Kirsten Obank.

What We Need

So, we have a theatre. Now we need to pay for:

- A Movement Director

- Rehearsal Space

- Travel Costs

- Props and Costumes

I'm trying to raise £1000. Maybe you could donate the price of a coffee you'd buy on the way to work and burn your tongue on (this play is guaranteed to not burn your tongue) or maybe the cost of a cinema ticket (just wait for the film to end up on Netflix). Alternatively, you could give us lots and lots of money. We don't mind either way.

I think it's also important for me to add that:

- I'm paying our actors with my own savings. I don't believe in asking creative, talented people to work for free. 

- The money we're trying to raise here is for the logistics of getting a play up and running .

- We don't have producers or investors or wealthy connections in the industry to give us a leg up. We're doing this totally by ourselves and that's why we need a little help.

- I will publish a breakdown of my spending for this project and outline exactly where your donations were used.

Anything you can give is massively appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support.

Kirsten Obank

P.S. What's Next?

By funding this project, you are investing in a new generation of talent in theatre. This play is the springboard for my work as a playwright, but it is also teaching me about self-producing and how to be financially self-sufficient. Once this project has been successfully completed, I'll be able to apply for funding more easily in the future and will have a strong foundation to work from, as a more experienced writer and producer.

My ideal plan is to take the play to a festival like VAULT or Edinburgh Fringe in order to grow our audience. From there, I'd love to work with other groups, creatives, students to create pieces that tell true stories that have never (or rarely) been told. I think the play could be easily adapted for students and used as an educational piece to help young people who want to know more about our history and how we got to where we are today. 

I'd love to run workshops in conjunction with the play where students can choose and research their own neglected moments from history, then create pieces that tell these stories, where they can express themselves and show how the stories have affected them and the world they live in. 


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