SecondChance Recruitment

SecondChance Recruitment

SecondChance Recruitment is a online recruitment agency that will work to find individuals with a criminal record employment...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

SecondChance Recruitment is a online recruitment agency that will specialise in finding  individuals with criminal records jobs. The main goal and aim of what we want to achieve will be to stop ex criminals from re offending and help/guide them in their rehabilitation journey. We will work hard to find suitable job placements tailored to suitable individuals for example a individual with a fraud conviction may find it hard to handle transactions and take payments but will be fine to work in construction or telesales etc. We will assist all individuals with CV, interview techniques and get them prepped and ready for their next job. All individuals will also undergo a thorough screening process. We will work with restaurants, call centres, estate agents, construction, charities and voluntarily work sectors plus more.  We will charge all Businesses a lower fee than average as they may feel they are taking a risk but will have add one in place for after probation periods etc.

SecondChance Recruitment will also aim to decrease crime rate in the UK by getting ex criminals into work as soon as they have been released from prison or just received their sentence. We are pretty sure that most businesses can look beyond a individuals past and buy into are vision as everybody deserves a second chance.

There is a gap in the market for this and I'm all most certain we can make this a success with the right funding and dedication we can make this work! 

With the the funds raised I will register the business which will be a LTD and create a website, advertise via Facebook and Google and will personally be in the field speaking to employers direct to gain contracts. 

I am am very open to business partners and shareholders and want to build a team that have the same vision.