secondary school

secondary school

starting up a secondary school

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In my country education is a business meaning school owners earn extremely very high profits from their investment(schools), yet when you go out and look for their products (i.e. graduates) in the society, they are nowhere to be seen this is partly because of lack of employment but mainly because those children have attained no skill at all for the time they have spent in school, they have only attained a qualification!

        The minimum qualification or minimum recognized standard of learning that is recognized in my country is called UGANDA CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION or U.C.E which is attained after attending  a secondary school for four years, so at most in the societies in various villages even that kind of qualified student is hard to find and what makes it bad is the fact that even the town dwellers who have attended the minimum cannot benefit the society they hail from because they have been raised to be dependent and not self-sufficient I am interested in changing that.

        When you look at the machinery used to run that investment(school), which includes the teaching staff and non-teaching stuff plus the support staff, they are employed which is good but work for very long hours with very little or no pay at all for the case of the support staff like the cooks and cleaners, yet the school owners have the obvious reason to tell the authorities that they offering employment to the masses but there is no equality, I am interested in greatly changing that.

        In the most cases schools are located in heavily populated areas i.e. urban centers very or no schools are found in the villages because there is a very low customer base(parents)who can afford educating their children in the very expensive schools which in turn denies them an education since the Government also has little or ill equipped schools which have been turned to offer free but meaningless education because the whole education system is on its way to privatization.

        A lot of schools in my country offer little or no benefit to the society surrounding them yet in turn most people are farmers who can provide food the school and other scholastic materials like furniture, fire wood or casual laborers because they may not necessarily be graduate teachers.

        The purpose of the school;

  • Offer employment to the masses.
  • Teach knowledge and skills.
  • Empower the girls’ child.
  • Empower the communities around the school.
  • Provide and education.

A school is a self-reliant institution meaning startup may not be a simple task but as soon as it opens, no more grants will be needed.

the image above is the ground floor plan we intend to use same as for all the four blocks to be constructed.

thank you