Second referendum

by Nick Walcot in Totton, England, United Kingdom

Second referendum
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To fund a second referendum on EU membership The aim is to allow the people to voice an opinion to all politicians that can't be ignored.

by Nick Walcot in Totton, England, United Kingdom

I first worked in Europe 10 years ago and was always amazed at the kind treatment I reveived from colleagues and strangers.  Later years in UK and abroad have only strengthened that feeling of unity.

Subsequently, working in UK, Ireland and Belgium with friends and colleagues from the entire EU have served to reinforced my experiences that we are one people with shared beliefs and directions, that unity makes us stronger, both in vision and in resistance to false and insular ideas. My 4 children are amazed at the narrow minded ideas of the real minority but electoral majority that the government and opposition continually quote with cognitive dissonance to validate the direction they are taking in restricting their future.

They are time and again betrayed by their governmental representatives relinquishing valid opportunities to redirect this farce.

This idea is to allow a popular referendum to take place, that those in power say will never happen.

I will relinquish my work as a doctor and support the organisation of a popular second referendum on EU membership that reflects more accurately, with a greater awareness of the consequences we now have, one that will allow no further reference to the 'will of the people' by politicians who have signed-on to an idea they originally thought was ludicrous. 

(Photo- 1 German, 1 Austrian, 1 Romanian, 2 English; 2 Doctors 3 Nurses)

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