Second Hand Mobility Scooter

Second Hand Mobility Scooter

Second Hand Mobility Scooter Please

We did it!

On 18th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £30 with 1 supporter in 56 days
I L( .) (. )ked after my Mum for well over six years apart from her personal hygiene.
Sadly now, since my Mum passed away 22 July 2016 from Pan-Coast Cancer Tumor. I've really struggled to Survive.
My health has deteriorated rapidly in the past 12 Months, albeit stable'ish now. I have been in Hospital three times, over eight weeks in total with heart problems (AF), congested lungs and bilateral lower leg Edema.
My cardiologist summed up my condition as Orthopnoea. No I'd never heard of it either, which has just about rendered me incapacitated. I had to use a zimmer frame for the first six day in Hospital, learning to walk again at 60yr is no joke. I now find it very difficult to get about.
I'm virtually house bound. I have had to cancel Doctors appointment for lack of transport.
While my Mum did have a Mobility Scooter it has sadly passed away too, very shortly after my Mum.
If it was not for six very close friends, one who took me to the walk in centre way back in May 2016, I would not be here now... God bless her, she is my sweet "Angel" along with her "Best Friend" who drove us there and then rushed me to the QMC... I checked in at 116 kg.
Now on thirteen plus tablets a day. Also being very unstable on my legs, I have a tendency to fall over, while I do live alone, I need some sort of independence. I do use a walking stick for stability to get about the house. I am now very proud at being 87.25 kg ...
While relying on my "Angel" to do and pay for my shopping, again god bless her and five other friends.
I've tried to get help from what used to be called DWP.  But madly they feel I fit for work. Rejecting my plea for help, to which I am fighting.
I am asking for kind "Hearted Human Being" to pledge, so I can get myself a second hand "Mobility Scooter". To get about without the need to solely rely on my "Angel" for everything, be able too repay some of the money that she has used to get me food to live on. It would also be nice, if with kind generosity of pledges, money permitting to get Mum Garden put back into some kind of order.
A lot to ask for, I hope it is achievable for my "Angel Friend"... My close friends and I have hearts of Gold. We have raised over two thousand pounds, with the generosity of the general public, for the use between Macmillan and Treetops. I also donated two of Mum "Pictures In Pastels" one each...
Who did L( .) (. )k after my Mum in the last month or so of her sweet precious life...
See "Pictures In Pastels" Facebook page.. Pester me to put more of Mum Pastels up there.
Please Like and Follow, U will then be kept informed...
RIP Mum...
I miss you and Dad with all my heart... You were everything to me...
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