Second Chances Film

by Brendan White in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Second Chances Film
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A student short film celebrating the love of 90s houseparties with the zaniness of a timeloop.

by Brendan White in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom


"Second Chances" is an upcoming student short film celebrating the love of 90's houseparties, Tamagotchi's and Hooch galore. The protagonist 'Alex' knocks on the door of the house, entering a houseparty and within no time, gets knocked out and wakes up at the door once again, revisiting the event over and over again and over and over again. The film is not only a celebration of 90s iconography and music but puts the protagonist on a mission to seek out why he's stuck repeating the events of the dreaded party with a hidden message about family and righteousness interwoven into the film's narrative.

Once Alex enters, he's on a mission to find the only person that he recognises at the party, his best friend 'Lily'. Alex's mission to tell Lily the truth and to help him work out what's happening serves as the crux at the story as the time-loop forces him to restart repeatedly, restarting his journey at the front door with the house party organiser Liam opening the door to the sight of Alex, who he forgot he even invited, every time. 

Have you ever stood at the door to a house party, about to knock, and then thought why?

I wonder who's already arrived? Or maybe what everyone's drinking?

Possibly what could go wrong?

The screenplay for the film was written with these exact questions in mind, channelling house party anxieties into a screenplay which takes the lows and highs of house parties that everyone experiences. Smashing this together with 1990s culture creates an interesting dynamic where the emotions of the characters are much more realised because of such a vibrant and buzzing environment, full of noise and drama. The time-loop structure has been seen in many films before, but none really use it to its advantage by telling a story about anxieties and the recurring little thoughts that run through our heads every day.

The visual influences for the film will channel the joy of the 90s and whilst also creating something that feels modern to show a message that feels important in 2020. In doing this, the aim is to fill the scene with colourful 90s designs whether it be with costumes or set design. The other aim is to shoot the film with more of a blue colour scheme to help the film show off the deeper anxieties embedded into the narrative, showing off the innocence of the protagonist as he enters the party which he despises the thought of. Various 90s props will also be prominent in the film including bottles of alcohol such as 'Hooch' or 'Lambrini' but also 'Tamagotchis' to help cement the joys of the era to the audience - the film is purely a celebration to the 90s!

Brendan White - Writer/Director 

Brendan has an interest in telling witty stories that put the characters and their journey at the centre of their narrative. His passion for film started at an early age with regular trips to the cinema from his grandparents and he will take the experience of his previous shoots to delve deep into the joy of house parties and the anxieties that we all feel, working together with a great crew to produce this.

Favourite 90s Artist - Blur

Ewan Kendall - Director of Photography

Ewan will work closely with Brendan to create an iconic 90s style to the film, putting a spin on this to create a piece of work that feels personal and unique. Ewan's interest in film began when he started listening to film podcasts and starting analysing them. Ever since he's craved working on films himself and taking roles on a range of film shoots over the last few years.

Favourite 90s Artist - Green Day

Lucas Hanwell - 1st Assistant Camera

Lucas got into filmmaking with a passion to write, direct and act in films which eventually led him to take a Film course at University. Making films in his spare time has allowed him to broaden his social circle and make fun short films and comedy sketches with his friends, showing off the variety of his filmmaking.

Favourite 90s Artist - Radiohead

Magda Pieniazek - 1st Assistant Director

Magda has produced and worked on many film projects in her time at Bournemouth University including assistant directing, production managing and script supervising. She will keep the set in check and ensure a smooth run of the production whilst also maintaining a sense of fun and enjoyment on set. 

Favourite 90s Artist - Beastie Boys

Beth Bentley - Production Designer

Beth has one of the trickiest roles across the whole production, emulating a 90s environment from several decades ago - a decade that many of us weren't even born in! Beth will work closely with Brendan and Ewan and using her previous knowledge of working on stage productions to create a visually striking environment that helps to lift the characters off the screenplay. 

Favourite 90s Artist - TLC

Joe Smith - Head of Sound Design

Joe is an avid filmmaker who has developed a wide range of skills in film production. He will work as head of sound design for this film and is mega excited about this role as he has to create a realistic party ambience which could contain anywhere between 30-50 different sounds at any moment!

Favourite 90s Artist - Jellyfish

Benjamin Clarke - Assistant Sound

Ben originally got into film as being an actor but soon fell in love with creating his own characters and worlds, falling into the love of telling stories. As Assistant Sound to the project, he will be working close to Joe to emulate the chaos of the houseparty, ensuring that every finite detail is picked up.

Favourite 90s Artist - Red Hot Chili Peppers or Nirvana

Maddy Harman - Editor

Maddy has loved films and filmmaking ever since she was little fascinating over every single detail. As editor of the production, she will ensure that the mood of the piece is reflected in every scene and will bring out the best of all the cast, shining the 90s aesthetic into every scene!

Favourite 90s Artist - Blur

Django Turner - Assistant Editor

Django has worked on several productions during his first year at his University and is excited to work with Maddy to put the finishing touches on the film in the post-production stages. His remarkable sense of humour means he's perfect for the role to pick out just the perfect witty dialogue!


Below is a rough diagram of where exactly your donations would go to make our wonderful dream a reality! Most of the money raised would go to creating the 90s world that we've been visualising for months, replicating the finest details from curtains to print shirts. We have also allocated other costs to transport and ensuring the cast and crew are well-fed across the production.

We all understand that not everyone can donate to make our film become reality therefore any donations are extremely appreciated by all the crew. If you can't donate, we'd love for you to share the crowdfunder around or like our Facebook page @secondchancesfilm for updates in our production. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

Song (£)2

Every pound counts to make the film a reality, your donation would greatly contribute to the look and aesthetic of the film.

£5 or more

There She Goes

For donating £5 you will help to ensure each crew and cast member can successfully travel from the shooting location back home every day!

£20 or more

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Donating £20 will get you an exclusive copy of the screenplay (in PDF form) before filming begins!

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Pledging £35 will give you an exclusive copy of the script in PDF form before filming begins and a special thanks credit in the film!

£50 or more

Praise You

Pledging £50 to the project will get you all previous perks plus a very special thank you from all cast and crew! You will also be given a copy of the film alongside our eternal gratitude!

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