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help the animals that need somewhere to go when there owners are sick or help those animals that need a second chance home.

by Hannah louise smith in Hartlepool, England, United Kingdom

I currently run a dog walking buissness but have had a love for animals my whole life. They give you the boost to pick yourself up when your at your lowest. I believe all animals just want what we want and i am a firm believer that every animal needs a second chance or some owners just need a hand when there times are hard. I have seen so many things about owners having to give there pets up because there having to go into hospital or they have to move to emergency accomadation. By me starting a small but local place for animals to go temporarily then it gives owners the hope especially the elderly or ill that they have to keep fighting and they have there pets to go home to. Sometimes thats all some people have left and to have a light at the end of the tunnel is something alot of people need.

My vision is to create a outside shelter in my Garage attached to my property which will be soundproof and secured completly also i want to add suffcient heating and lighting and be able to add sleeping and kennels and cages. Eventually i would like to brick in my garden to add extra garden space and better outdoor amenities.

My vision is to create a happy place where eithier pets can stay or pets can wait to go on to have there second chance. Far to many elderly animals are being sent to kennels or destroyed because they just take up room. I want to give all the animals needing it a chance at life again.

Eventually in the future i would love to have a massive centre where owners can visit there pets, continue taking them out and loving them untill they can get them back again. I also would love to make it easier for adoption and fostering.


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