Seat Heat

Seat Heat

To provide a portable heated cushion for the elderly that can be charged at home or on the go.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My Story

My name is Samuel Girven im 21 years old and  currently an undergraduate business student. My aim in life is run my own sucessful business that actually makes a difference in people's lives. I want to introduce my first step to achieveing my goals. Welcome to Seat Heat.

Growing up ive always played sport, primarly football. My family have been very supportive, especially my grandad. Unfortunatley due to his age he was unable to attend any of my matches as he simply became too cold and this is why I plan to produce Seat heat.

The Aim of Seat Heat

The aim of project is to provide not only comfort but heating in the form of a portable cushion.  The cushion will use a linthium ion battery similar to those found in mobile phones. This battery will help to provide constant heat for over 3 hours without needing to be recharged. The battery can be removed and charged seperatley using the plug adapter, or charged on the go using the USB adapter.

This heated cushion will allow those who become cold easily to have the ease of simply switching the cushion on when needed. It can simply be folded up and put into a bag, perfect for the cold english weather.

This cushion can be used anywhere, anytime, any weather. The material used is waterproof, with small ruber dotts on the underside to provide stability and grip. This cushion is not just for sport use but can be used when out camping, on walks or even in your car.

As a University student my funds are low but I am willing to put in the time a dedication needed to get seat heat off the ground. The product has already been made including a cardboard display box. Samples have been recieved and the next step is to develop an e-commerce site, purchase the stock and start marketing.