Beta/ 1.0 version of the project finalisation with the high-security level;

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


 The average cost of medical treatment is rising day by day. There are plenty of private crowdfunding platforms that help collect money for the treatment process but there are many limits that make this process too complicated. 

Health & time are the most valuable assets in our life. Both of them we try to spend rationally but not always it’s acceptable. We have too many healthcare providers (hospitals & doctors) which we can address in case of different troubles that occasionally happen with our health.

Meanwhile, we are using plenty of the healthcare platforms & solutions that became as a “dot” in the connection between patient & healthcare provider. But we are not sure that it’s a right choice for our problems or we do not have enough money to get the treatment in time.

 The World Bank’s own press release led with the same 400 million number, announcing “400 million people do not have access to essential health services. It’s a huge number. The report examined access around the world to essential health services, including family planning, prenatal care, skilled birth attendance, child immunization, antiretroviral therapy to combat HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis treatment and access to clean water and sanitation. The findings showed that 400 million people lacked access to at least one of these services.

We are, as the founders of the SEARCH-DOC project decided to make the hybrid healthcare platform that allows people no longer to look for a doctor/method of treatment in different resources. People will have a place where they post their request and doctors or clinics will immediately react on request and provide the best options for medical care.

The project allows to use the full set of existing communication methods such as (automatic query processing of the patient request by doctors, on-line consultation, on-line consultation appointment, on-line medical documentation transferring & “Second Opinion”



We are not inventing something crucially new, but we rotate the typical view on clinics & patient’s relationship on 360 degrees. The main goal of the project is to put in the center the treatment request of each single patient and provide patient with plenty of options to make the right choice that is the best one that he can estimate.


  1. Make it simple & free for each patient in case of interaction with the doctor and/or clinic;
  2. Make the services of the web site cheap & available for all doctors & clinics;
  3. Revolutionary algorithm of the query processing allows to pay only for selected request without monthly membership (Try before using model);
  4. Give for each patient who needs healthcare an opportunity of easy & productive communication between patient & donor & clinic & doctor in case of the free treatment obtaining;
  5. Make the platform with no border/finance/time limit that allows to help patient 24/7;
  6. Independence healthcare platform that allows to help people in the treatment process;
  7. Provide healthcare for every person all over the world who needs care;
  8. Help people obtain healthcare support in time;
  9. Expand and to be the worldwide bilingual medical Patient-to-Doctor Platform.           

The portion of funds, generated by project will directly go to the people who need urgent healthcare support. Advantages will be given to children.


  • Only doctors & clinics who are registered on the website and certified have a right to participate as the healthcare providers;
  • Only registered doctors & clinics of Search-Doc project have a possibility of interaction with each other;
  • Participation of doctors & clinics is not only the way to access & interaction platform but is the solution of direct help & participation in the treatment process of people who do not have enough funds and time to wait.


-      Low cost for doctors/clinics;

-      Free for patients/recipients

-      No border, no age limits;

-      Embracing most diseases;

-      Accessibility of the healthcare providing;

  • Destroy any borders such as: limited payments by area, any limits by gender, nation, make the system transparence & multinational;
  • Our project connects a doctor with a patient without internal and/or hidden commissions.


  • Co-founder of the project: Maxim Tyagly, Ukrainian by nationality, my family has more than 60-year-old tradition of being doctors and I believe that best medical practice can be combined with modern medicine technology. I run Search Doc because I want to help patient & healthcare providers to find each other & help a greater number of people who need funds for the urgent treatment care. Born in Ukraine, I immigrated to Montenegro. During last 8 years, I’ve consulted and helped run more than 25 different medical projects in CIS market (MRI, CT, beauty surgery oncology centers).

I’ve decided that I need to make something new that allows to save the life, help people from different countries to have the high-level treatment, at the same time the project will be scalable & easy for implementation among millions of people. And I decided to run the project which transformed all my thoughts in the HealthCare Platform which actualized all my ideas.

  • Co-founder of the project: Alexander Ledok, Ukrainian by nationality. He was born in Ukraine, then immigrated to Montenegro. He runs Search Doc because wants to implement all his best practice and the experience as .Net Developer & IT Architect to build the unified platform to help patient & healthcare providers find each other & build the most effective scheme of interaction. During last 8 years, he has participated as the leading developer in more than 40 leading IT projects all over the world.


  • All of us have families & friends and we meet people who ask for a help to collect money for urgent treatment care (cancer, neurosurgery problem, heart problems, etc.)
  • It’s very hard to see the situation when all the money is accumulated but the time is over and one life has passed because of time;
  • Time of everyone is limited. We understand this and want to be in time to make the project that can help millions of people improve & save their lives.
  • We can’t see and feel the inaction anymore when people die because of lack of financing, time or too high prices for the common disease treatment.


  1. Beta/ 1.0 version of the project finalization with the high security level;
  2. Opening local/remote representations for the sales team;
  3. SEO & Marketing services;
  4. Mobile applications research & development.


  • The number of medical professionals practicing in the country; 

  • The number of specialists per 100 000 of people; 

  • A high level of computerization and Internet infrastructure development; 

  • A high level of social networks using in everyday life activity; 

  • A high level of competition among the professionals and patients. 


  • Analytics from open sources regarding competitors and market figures (including official reports received from professional associations and trade unions); 

  • Data analytics - for organic product installation: retention rates, the average check, the lifetime of the user, the conversion of the purchase; 

  • International exhibitions and publications in the media, which helped collect requests of potential customers; 

Sincerely, yours SD Team