Sean Newman Medical Expenses

by Chantelle Newman in Feltham, England, United Kingdom

Sean Newman Medical Expenses


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Raising Funds for Sean Newman to cover Medical Bills due to becoming ill from Insecticide Poisoning in South Africa

by Chantelle Newman in Feltham, England, United Kingdom

My name is Chantelle Newman and I have a brother who is 3 years older than I am.  I haven't seen Sean for almost 10 years now as he lives and works in South Africa and I live in the UK.   Sean learnt his skill at a very early age, at 15 he became the youngest Gunsmith in South Africa.  He has worked for a number of world renowned Gun business around the world and has been in the business for around 34 years.  Living and working near Johannesburg, 3 months ago Sean became very unwell from an insecticide spray he used to get rid of some bugs.  On the instructions of the spray it said you did not have to use any PPE so he was careful and sprayed the insecticide.   Unfortunately he got poisoned by the insecticide and ended up very sick, delirious, short of breath and his nervous system was effected that he had no idea who he was and what was happening .  He went to his local Doctor who told him he has Insecticide induced pneumonia.  The Doctor said he needed to go home and rest and he should get over it soon.   The problem was he didn't get well, he got worse.  Not wanting to bother anyone he stayed in bed and tried to get better with rest.  As he has not been able to work he has not earned any income.  As a family we put some money together and sent it to him to get further medical treatment and pay for day to day living expenses.  Sean needed to be admitted into Hospital early this morning(01.05.2019) but would not get treated unless he paid a deposit to get the rest of his treatment. It has taken several hours for me to convince the Doctors that we will pay for his treatment. The cost of the treatment and admission is more than 4 months wages in South Africa.  

So this is why I need your help.  We need to raise enough to pay for his treatment and the wages lost during his illness.  Every little helps and I would like to thank you in advance for your prayers, thoughts and help during this time of need.  We totally understand if you are unable to help due to your own financial situation but we would love to ask you to pray or send positive thoughts for Sean's very important improvement is his health.

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