The Sea Turtle Conservation project

by Albert Mery in United Kingdom

The Sea Turtle Conservation project


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Let's help the Sea Turtle Conservation project protect hundreds of vulnerable Olive Ridley Sea Turtles and their babies.

by Albert Mery in United Kingdom

The Project

Sea turtles are one of the most majestic and spectacular animals of Costa Rica. But human activities are threatening these ancient creatures: fishing, dirty oceans and pollution have pushed sea turtles onto the vulnerable species list. This worrying state has pushed myself and many others to act. We are organising a 2-week expedition to Costa Rica with the charity Global Action. We will be actively participating in a Sea Turtle Conservation Project, working alongside a team of experts to protect the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle. Our actions will include: beach patrols for nesting turtles and hatchling nests, collecting and counting eggs from new nests, relocating eggs to safe hatcheries, releasing new hatchlings into the wild and raising awareness with children from local primary schools about sea turtle conservation projects. These efforts would be a tremendous help for sea turtle conservation.


My Story


Ever since I can remember I've been fascinated by wildlife. As a small child, I used to watch David Attenborough's documentaries on repeat, driving my parents crazy in the process. Now I've been given the opportunity to realise one of my greatest dreams, to go to Costa Rica and to get involved with the Sea Turtle Conservation Project.


I really need your help!

This is where you come in! As you've probably guessed, going to Costa Rica isn't going to be cheap and that’s why I really need your help. It would be truly amazing if I could raise £1000 for this trip. The conservation efforts that my group and I will be able to accomplish will have a real impact. I also want to take this opportunity to create a report on the terrible situation of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles to help raise awareness about these spectacular marine animals. 


Long story short, I really need your help and support! So, please, donate anything you can, no contribution is too small. Thank you so much!

Let's make 'The Sea Turtle Conservation project' happen