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To show young adults how swimming in open water can lift their mood, Build their confidence and it is such an achievement to swim in OW

by Christine Smith in Boulmer, England, United Kingdom

My name is Christine, i am 40 years old, i am married with 3 children and a grandson.  For most of my child hood I was bullied, because of my size, hair colour (red head), the bullies then continued once i was at college. Some reason i wasn't unable to leave the feelings behind.  For years i suffered from horrible doubts and constant ruminations until i went to see the Doctors after my third child was born, in fact he was about 5,  i was diagnosed with Server low self esteem.  I spent a few years with a counsellor and had to cope with the horrible voices in my head telling me i wasn't wanted and I should just go away, whilst i was going to the counsellor (my 3rd) i took up 3 main hobbies swimming open water/pool swimming, running and walking. This helped me lift the anxieties in my stomach and helped me to lose myself for 30 minutes.  I was very slow and i always felt that i was slowing people down in the group and they didn't like me being there. There was no groups that could caterer for me so i decided to create a group that helped people to try the 3 main exercises that i did to help with people's health and well being.  I wanted to help people suffering from mental health, to take people out for a walk and help lift that anxiety knot.  If someone is suffering from mental health, they become a prisoner in their own lives.

They then begin to think that they are the only people who suffer, no one will understand, who would listen..

If you can take a group of people, who all feel the same things or suffer from a mental health and get them to become a group, they will encourage each other, help and guide each other, they also realise that someone else feels and thinks the same way!! they are not alone after all.

Children between the ages of 12 and 16 years old, have so much pressure on them to look and feel a certain way, this is having major consequences on how they view themselves.  A Lot of children refuse to do PE/swimming or any activity that puts them in a situation that will make them feel uncomfortable, if we can encourage them to understand that you don't have to be supper fit, super thin to enjoy exercise, and there are so many activities out there that they could try.

Swimming in the sea, is one of the main activities that i enjoy, not only is this proven that this lifts mood, give a massive sense of achievement, but the fact they are strong, confident and able to achieve anything. 


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