SCRIPTED - Study Journal

by Maame Benko in London, England, United Kingdom

SCRIPTED - Study Journal


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A journal that makes a difference, Not only to your education but to those less furtunate than you. A Better YOU = Better WORLD.

by Maame Benko in London, England, United Kingdom

Get those grades - the only limitations in life are the ones you set yourself. Learn a method to effectively improve your memory and learn a well-known psychological technique to improve your long-term memory.

GTG - a journal as part of a series named SCRIPTED is a study journal developed by myself after mastering a learning and memorisation technique which lead to my success in education.


Whether you are young or more mature student, in secondary school, college, university, post-graduate or even sitting professional exams. It is never too late to learn how to learn. It is not to late to become a master of your education and develop a good balanced approach to studying. Start building positive consistent daily habits and stop viewing education as an obstacle but as a vehicle that leads you to your greatness.1609528536_untitled_design_(1).png

Change happens step by step and this journal allows you to monitor those steps. This journal also allows you to keep track of your study habits and productivity. It provides with a guidance on how frequently to review your notes or topics following a well studied algorithmic method in order to get the information into your long-term memory and strengthen your neuronal connections. By having a visual representation of your focus; it can expose any shortcomings and reasons you are making for not achieving your goals.

Having a routine has a number of benefits including: less stress, increased productivity, increased fulfilment and much more. This journal allows you to develop a routine suitable for your schedule and track it accordingly.

1. A summary of the memory model used to improve memory and learning.
2. Study tips widely used by high achieving students.
3. Daily quotes and motivation1609528931_untitled_design_(2).png
4. Daily prompts on when to review notes, additional resources and create memory prompts.
5. 150 pages following a 2 month study plan
6. Excess paper for additional notes


This allows you to write in the journal without being worried about ink bleeding through. A5 size so suitable to be carried around and taken to your place of education. This can be used flexibly and as a standard study journal also.


A retrospective study was done on a group of medical students who had an electronic copy of the diary and were briefed on the concepts of the study model at the beginning of their penultimate year of medical school. 95% of these individuals 1609529356_untitled_design_(3).pngreported an increase in their productivity and decrease in levels of procrastination. Some reported that it had significantly improved their memory capacity . 100% saw an increase in their end of year exam grades, with one student going from the top 40% to the top 10% of the year. Informally, many students have reported an increase in their memory ability and effectiveness of study session after implementing the study technique.


This diary has the potential to change lives hence why it makes the perfect gift for yourself, your children, loved ones and friends. Education opens many doors which would otherwise be closed due to your age, ethnicity and gender. 

How the Money will be used:

* 25% of the money raised will be donated to schools in ghana to pay for the education of 5 students. The school will also be sent copies of the books.

* Books will be donated to local schools and organisations in london to help students from impoverished backgrounds.

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* Packaging and distribution


1609528476_73d048d1-195d-4bbb-81b4-4950a701e137_1_105_c.jpegHello, My name is Maame or now Dr Benko according to those around me. I am currently a doctor working in the United Kingdom, and I have always had a passion for education.

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change your world and the world around you. It breaks down the barriers society has set against against you, it changes the trajectory of your life. It opens the very doors and glass ceilings society has closed or established due to your race, gender, ethnicity and social class.

The week my father unfortunately passed away, I remember walking through the streets of Peckham with him and crying my eyes out because he refused to buy me a barbie doll from Argos. Before we got into the car, he stopped me, bent down to my level and said ‘man can take everything away from you, except your knowledge’ and proceeded to explain the importance of education over materialistic gain. I was six years old at the time, but I can still remember the conversation until today.

I have not had the easiest experience growing up; my journey has been filled with death of loved ones, disease, immigration issues and abuse. After the sudden death of my father, my mother had to take on several cleaning jobs in order to cover the bills and I often found myself alone at home. There was only so much CBBC and Kim possible one could watch without getting bored. I remember playing in the garden and standing still for a moment taking in the world around me, what an amazing world it was and I found myself asking how it all worked. My curious mind led me to pick up one of my science books one evening and in that very moment I felt the presence of my father.

Finding out the answers to my questions was amazing, I felt liberated and empowered. I quickly became a walking encyclopaedia and would sit there trying to remember what I had read the day before as a game to test my memory. I subconsciously developed a habit of doing this and utilised this when studying for exams later in life. When I was able to achieve 10 A’s and 5 A*, A*AB and then a first class degree in Biomedical science, Distinction and Merit in my medical degree I knew I was on to a winning technique. It was not until I sat in a psychology class that I found out that my technique had a name already and had ben well researched and proven to be one of the most effective ways of studying.

When I stopped seeing education as a chore but as a vehicle to get me to which ever goal I wanted to achieve that is when my life changed. Your intellect and knowledge is one of the most valuable things you will ever posses, treat it well, expand and add to it. It has the ability to change your life and the world forever. I would not have been where I am today without the chairty shown to me by others, many people supported my journey financially by contributing to my university fees and I would love for us to give back to someone else that has a similar story to mine.


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