Scream King | Short Film

by Delfina Witkowska in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

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An NUA graduate film about the search for happiness, centred around an ageing actor realising he misses the Horror films he used to star in.

by Delfina Witkowska in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

BACKSTAGE for Scream King

Scream King is a story about searching for happiness in life and fighting to make a positive change. It follows Bradley Hemming, an ageing actor who started his career in the 80s as an iconic Horror film character, The Portal Demon in 'Hell's Mirror' and its many sequels. He now considers himself a serious actor and is preparing for the opening night of a Hamlet play in which he plays the lead. However, when his old friend and filmmaker Don Carter asks him to return to Horror to play The Demon again, Brad finds himself questioning everything about his life…

I have been a fan of 70s and 80s Horror films since I was only just a teenager, and Scream King came about because I felt the pressure of people expecting me to make a “serious” graduate film, but all I wanted to do was make an enjoyable piece of genre filmmaking. 

As I started to develop the film, I found that I was also inspired by an event in my own life: I started making films around the same time I got into Horror, but for a period of about two years I allowed myself to be lulled into a life where filmmaking became no more than a hobby and I was very unhappy with my situation. When I ultimately realized how depressed it was making me, I decided to take action and move to another country to study Film and Moving Image Production in the United Kingdom. Scream King is my way of telling that story.

- Bram Kwantes, writer and director of Scream King


Apart from being a dramatic portrayal of the search for happiness, I wanted Scream King to be a love letter to the Horror films that I adore so much and that still motivate me to make my own films. We are aiming to infuse the film with the filmmaking style of those films, including a dark and foreboding atmosphere that runs throughout the entire piece. It’s as if Bradley has been denying his love for his Horror roots for so long that they have crept into his life in more visual ways.

Using our crew's experience in Horror, we hope to create a truly unique environment for this character to exist in, that shows his struggles as well as his talent and past success through the use of colours and props that represent his mood and soul at this point in time.

This moodboard shows the vision of the director's ideas in mind to showcase what the shooting style of Scream King will look like. The mood of the film is dark and gritty with lots of pockets of light breaking the scene to contrast the two tones. Deep images with lots to look at, to have the viewer look deeper into the shots and feel uneasy, mesmerising and on-edge. 


Bram Kwantes | Writer/Director, Producer & Editor

Hi, I am Bram Kwantes, the writer and director of Scream King. I fell in love with the art of filmmaking at a young age watching James Bond films with my Dad, and later watching Horror films with my friends in high school. 

So, I have always come at filmmaking from a genre perspective. I started making short films when I was about twelve and never stopped. In recent years, I moved from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom to further pursue a career in filmmaking and give myself more options. That’s how I came to be at Norwich University of the Arts. 

I like making films in a creative, collaborative environment, where everyone gets a chance to share their ideas and truly make a film together. I will set the tone, but I want to give everyone a chance to infuse their personality into the film.

Drew Hardman | Cinematographer

Hello, my name is Drew Hardman and I’m the cinematographer for Scream King. Horror movies and video games have been a huge part of my life since I grew up consuming them religiously. I love the emotions and vibes that Horror creates that makes you feel like no others and I'm excited to create those same feelings in Scream King even though it's not a run of the mill Horror film. I want to create a world through the camera that feels and looks like a set of a scary movie without all the cliche jump scares and tropes that can come with the genre from time to time. 

I wanted to make this character feel like he is still involved in Horror and it's creeping around him; like it's calling to him to come back even though he isn't actually in it anymore. I'm just really excited to shoot this film and show a different side of Horror but still, pay homage to one of the greatest genres ever created. I hope you enjoy Scream King and the work we are doing on it!

Georgia Diane Pett | Production Designer

I'm Georgia and I'm the production designer on Scream King. It feels like this project was the perfect fit for me as I've studied Horror for so long and having the opportunity to bring what I've learnt to life is so exciting to me. 

I've worked on many films before but none of them has had such character and style in the way Scream King does. It's a beautiful story to which I feel many may relate to in terms of realising that happiness and success are down to our own choices, and we are in charge of our paths in life. This film is going to be unique and a welcome challenge.

Delfina Witkowska | Sound Designer

Dark, character-focused, witty dramas where characters are faced with gruelling decisions is very much my preferred niche of films. Scream King coming about signalled that it's time for me to make exactly the kind of film I love watching.

Scream King to me, is also a celebration of Horror as a genre. During my studies, I wrote my dissertation about gore and violence in Horror films and that's when I found my appreciation for it. As a new Horror fan, I hope to channel my excitement about the genre into creative energy and to put all my skills in sound design to excite you.


We can’t do it without your support! If you’ve gotten this far, and like what you hear, we'd be really grateful for any donations or spreading the word. 

We hope to, with your support, push the production value beyond our own boundaries. Any donations you give will be used for crucial aspects of production and distribution such as:

  • Casting professional actors to play our three main characters
  • Booking locations for the shoot
  • Travel to and from shoots for the cast and crew
  • Props, costumes and design
  • Relevant film festival entry fees

Should we pass our initial target of £1500, we hope to enter more film festivals, to put the film in front of more audiences and bring the show to nostalgic Horror fans.


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