Scratch London Studio

by Laura Brown in London, England, United Kingdom

Scratch London Studio


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To raise money to move my production from my living room into a small studio premises and employ some help!

by Laura Brown in London, England, United Kingdom

Who's Behind Scratch? 

I'm Laura and I'm the founder of jewellery brand Scratch London. In 2017, after many years building a career in visual merchandising, I decided I wanted to do something for myself. I grew tired of seeing mass produced poorly made jewellery arrive in our stores and knew that I could do better. It always bothered me that I never knew who made it, or what sort of life they had.

Tassel Beginnings:

I started making tassel earrings from ethically sourced plant based rayon. I wound every single tassel round a piece of card 400 times and to date I've made over a thousand tassels. I loved the idea of injecting colour into fine jewellery and I began experimenting with resin. I soon found that I loved the colour and element of surprise that it could bring to jewellery and I soon wanted to learn more. In September 2019, I enrolled a college course to learn basic silver and metal smithing techniques. This has allowed me to bring a more fine jewellery element to my resin pieces. 


The brand is still small and I would love to be able to grow this. Until now, my brand has been entirely self funded. What very little money I have had, has been poured right back into making this work to provide work for myself and hopefully a small team of people. My dream is to employ a team of people who I can train up and teach a new skill to and enable them to provide for their family or own future.


I make everything in my studio flat near Camden. It's tiny, it's barely enough for me and my helper - my cat Fred. The more I learn, and the more I make, the quicker I'm outgrowing the space. I work with chemicals which has it challenges when your workbench is right next to your bed and you've a very nosy cat who wants attention all the time! I've ran out of space for work benches and at the moment I'm having to use an extra piece of wood on top of my bed to double as a desk when making up orders. It's no good for my back.

Why Crowdfunder? 

At the age of 37, I'm sadly too old for a lot of government grants and as a new business, it's difficult to raise capital from a bank. I would love to raise enough money to hire studio space to work for the next 12 months to enable further growth and development and save mine and my cats little lungs from resin fumes! I'm also in need of support and I would love to employ someone from my local community who could use a little help with employment. My goal is to train someone up completely new, in how to make the basics in jewellery and how to run a workshop.


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A voucher for 20% off any item on our website.

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30% off any item on our website, free shipping and special thank you note from me.

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A pair of custom made resin earrings, in colours of your choice that no one else has!

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Resin Masterclass

Once the studio is up and running, those who have pledged £300 or more will be invited to take part in a resin jewellery masterclass to create your own pair of resin earrings or a necklace.

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