Scrapbook Cards: Decorate your memories

Scrapbook Cards: Decorate your memories

Let´s decorate memories and fill them with magic! Help us to found "Scrapbook Cards", a way to better preserve the memories of the people.

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Let´s decorate memories!

Hi, Would you like to help us preserve the magic of scrapbooking? Scrapbooking technique is a beautiful hobby that will allow us to give photographs and other memories of people a different way of being appreciated, offering:

  • Best preserved memories.
  • Best exposed.
  • Custom add-ins.
  • Nice effects to the eye and touch.

Simple card

The Project:

My project is to create a company that, upon request, design and create scrapbooks (cards, pictures, albums) customized for people who love this art, but does not know them or do not have time to make them.

The Solutions We Offer:

- Immortalize memories by means of better exposure of objects that symbolize (photos, items, tickets, brooches, etc)
- Provide a different typical gifts on special occasions choice.
- Add value to what we consider important and that eventually we ignore.

The Money:

The money will be used to purchase materials and machinery as:
- Decorated paper
- Plotters
- Printer
- Adhesives
- Seals
- Extra Tools and Accessories

Dinamic card

Tired of leaving all your photos in digital format? "Scrapbook Cards" puts them in a beautiful textured paper.

You are bored by typical frames for photos? "Scrapbook Cards" decorates and personalizes rendering them pictures up to 3 beautiful pieces of bodies.

Would you like to remind that special date to a loved one? "Scrapbook Cards" converts those photos, concert tickets, cards and other little notes details in beautiful compositions to decorate your wall or desk.