Scrap the BBC Licence Fee

by Kirstan Herriot in Heathfield, England, United Kingdom

Scrap the BBC Licence Fee


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The bias BBC licence fee is a tax that criminalises 100,000 people every year! We think it should be scrapped!

by Kirstan Herriot in Heathfield, England, United Kingdom

The BBC is not fit for purpose. 

Each year, more than one hundred thousand people are criminalised for not paying £154.50 for the privilege of owning a television. Why should the British people pay for establishment propaganda? 

This tax targets mostly women, and mostly those who are not well off. Thousands of people have been sent to prison for not paying what is essentially a utility bill. It is wrong, it is abhorrent, and it needs to be scrapped now! 

Subscription Only Service – Right now, if you own a television that is “capable” of picking up the BBC, you are liable to pay the Telly Tax… even if you don’t watch the BBC. UKIP are campaigning right now to have the BBC become a Subscription Only service; meaning that you only pay for the BBC if you want to watch it. 

What Your Generous Donation Will Do

Whether you can donate just a few pounds or even a few hundred, we will use that money to do three things: 

· Expose the biased nature of the BBC. 

· Campaign to have the BBC become a subscription-only service. 

· Build public support to decriminalise the Telly Tax. 

· Campaign to make elected politicians answerable to the electorate that voted for them. 

We Appreciate You – If you can make a donation, we thank you. If you can’t, that’s ok, too. 

Please take the time to share this fundraiser with your friends and family. We don’t have major donors or sponsorship from big business; everything YOU can do to help is greatly appreciated. 

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If your donation is over £500, it will appear in UKIP’s electoral returns. If over £7500, your identity must be published on the Electoral Commission website. 

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