The Scout Radio Mobile Studio

Get our mobile studio ready to go and help us deliver more radio experiences within Scouting, see us launch at Gilwell Reunion 2017.

We did it!

On 2nd Aug 2017 we successfully raised £1,080 with 37 supporters in 42 days

We are Scout Radio the national broadcast radio team for the Scout Association, we exist to;

  • Provide and support young people in Scouting doing broadcast radio
  • Provide radio stations and broadcast activities at Scouting events around the country
  • Support the promotion of Scouting on the radio and in the media

Our adventures see us travel around the country with cars full of kit normally to run radio stations out of tents, portacabins and even once a run down (windowless) shed, and sometimes events struggle to find us space that we can broadcast from and it can put some groups or events off.

We recently received an old caravan to use at OxonJam (Oxfordshire's county camp), and were inspired by the possibility to make it our permanent mobile studio.

With our own mobile studio it would unlock the possibility of being able to attend more groups, more events and provide more opportunities for young people to experience broadcasting, and provide coverage of more great Scouting adventures.

We are fundraising to refit and refurbish the caravan and turn it into a fantastic mobile studio! we also want to take that caravan and officially launch it at this years Gilwell Reunion 2017 with a FM station for the weekend. We are planning to broadcast all weekend on FM and Online bringing fantastic coverage of the entire event, we also have a limited number of advertising packages available (please do contact us)

We are offering little rewards for donations that can either be posted or collected from reunion.

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