Outdoor Scout Activity Centre

Outdoor Scout Activity Centre

We are wanting to raises funds to purchase land for our Scout Activity Centre.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Many years ago, when I was a wee boy I joined my local Scout Group. (it was the "in thing to do")

I was a Cub Scout for a year before I moved onto Scouts (the section every Cub Scout was eager to join!). During my time with Scouts I came out of my shell and made many friends. I was so proud when I was made a "Patrol Leader" half way through my time there. As a patrol leader (aged just 14) I organised a camp for my "Patrol" at our local "Scout Activity Centre" based in Milford. My little camp went well and we had several exciting adventures. The camp site offered camps, sleep overs, rock climbing, abseiling, survival weekends (living off the land) to name but a few of the activities available. This was why I took my patrol there.  I do remember it hosted some scouts from abroad for a week once or twice. this was great as local scouts were able to have "pen-friends" from another country.

That "Activity Centre" is the one we are asking you to fund. It was lost to us many years ago when the landlords sold it. (we were given the chance to purchase it but we were beaten at every offer (some would say to greed)).

The opportunity to purchase this land has now come but the land is being auctioned on the 9th December 2016. This gives me just a few weeks to organise funding so I am asking for your help.

Purchasing this land and re-creating our "Activity Centre" will offer thousands of young members of  youth organisations, National or International, the opportunity to experience the outdoors and create their own adventures as I did when I was a wee boy back in the 80's.

This past few years Scouting in the World has given millions of young people the chance to experience life outdoors and not just sat at a computer or games console at home.

Can you please help me?

(I have to admit, I am not good with words, I can spare little time to organise this as I work 6 days a week at minimum wage. But I am dedicated enough though, to at least attempt to ask you for your help in something that I believe in).

My intentions are:

1: Raising the funds to purchase the site.
2: Raising some funds to help organise the site after purchase.
3: Handing over the site to the Scouting Organisation (either at County, District or National Level).