Scottish National Independence Education Scheme

Scottish National Independence Education Scheme

To establish a national education scheme geared towards informing, training and researching the dynamics of the Scottish electorate.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


The aim of this Crowdfund campaign is to establish a Scottish National Independence Education Scheme (SNIES) which will allow the organisation to initially develop a free-to-download app for Android and iOS that will provide peer-to-peer answers to questions that the electorate may have regarding independence and how they are rated across the demographics of Scotland.


The purpose of SNIES is to kick-start a deeper grassroots movement that will seek collaboration with other independence movements across Scotland and the world.  It is apparent that there are many reasons for and against independence and its only right that both sides of the argument are aware of the thought processes of both sides.  The SNIES initiative will develop further to engage in those who do not use smart phones or tablets.  The SNIES initiative will roll out to communities across Scotland.


SNIES aims to become the focal point for people of all demographics that wish to engage and better understand both the advantages and disadvantages that any future independence vote may have on Scotland.

SNIES will not align itself with any political party instead it will attempt to analyse and provide information to those who want to know or are unsure about items raised by all politicians.

SNIES will then aim to evolve into a network of community discussions based on the app data for those interested in the grassroots movement to understand political opinion in Scotland and to empathise with those who are for or against independence.  It will also establish focus groups which embraces all sides of the argument to come and discuss their point of view with others and invite people who are otherwise out with the scope of the mainstream social media debates.


On initial release of the app, the app will be split into sections related to areas of most concern to the general public i.e. finance, security, the EU, currency, resources, movement of people and trade etc.  Within each section will be a list of questions related to those subjects.  Within these questions will be the public’s answers to those questions.  Each answer can be rated positively or negatively by the public.  As they are rated they move position.

This app will gather and analyse the information garnished by its users anonymously to help identify the real issues facing people who are either 'For Independence', 'Against Independence' or 'Don't Know'.  There will be no requirement for personal information except for the following:

  1. Region of Scotland you live in.
  2. Age
  3. Gender

All users post answers and rate answers without a profile.  The ability to post an answer will only become available once a user has rated 10 or more other answers.  Each day, users will be allowed to post 1 answer to a question.  People will be able to buy more answers should they wish but the aim of the app is to limit answers to questions without making it too difficult to review rated responses.

The app will also allow people to analyse the statistics of people’s ratings across gender, age and region.  Once per week a snap poll will be released to all users, again, no information will be garnished except age, gender and region.

There will be no requirement to set up a user profile.  Once you set up your region, age and gender, your smart phone/tablet will store that information.

SNIES will also develop a web page which will provide the same information as the app for those who do not want to download the app but still wish to be engaged in the SNIES initiative.


On successful development of the SNIES app and web site, SNIES will develop a community based approach to engage in people who otherwise do not have the ability to partake in the app based function.

Community discussions will take place where people will discuss the most relevant questions and answers garnished from the app per region, gender and age.  The discussions will take place in local town halls, community centres, pubs and halls.  All persons will be encouraged to attend and the discussions will take place on a purely neutral stance from all SNIES representatives.


As the app and community groups are rolled out, SNIES will begin to develop higher level discussion groups across Scotland.  They will take place in universities, schools, work places, hospitals, care homes etc.  The aim of the future development of SNIES is to be fully engaged across all of Scotland. Allowing the grassroots movement to becoming better informed and to not be limited to the young and able but to target everyone who has an opinion.

SNIES will also look to collaborate with other organisations across the pro and against independence movements.