Scottish Deaf Archives

Scottish Deaf Archives

Deaf History Scotland needs £10,000 to collate, store, preserve and share Scottish Deaf Archives with present and future generations.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Please help Deaf History Scotland raise £10,000 to collate, store, preserve and share Scottish Deaf Archives for present and future generations to enjoy and celebrate their heritage.

Scottish Deaf Heritage - the unique heritage that belongs to and is shared by the Scottish Deaf Community whose members prefer to communicate in their language, namely British Sign Langugae (BSL) and have the common experiences of being Deaf, going to specialist schools for deaf children, going to "Deaf Clubs" for recreation and participate in "deaf sports", working in similar trades like joinery, car mechanics, shoe repairing, construction, knitwear & other clothes manufacture, etc.

Scottish Deaf Heritage goes back to 1400's but this project will focus on the last two hundred years.  Most of the Scottish Deaf schools and clubs were established in late 1800's. Sadly most of them have closed in the last ten  years or so.  Their archives are poorly, if at all, catalogued and stored in different ways like deaf people's homes, garages, attics and sheds; they need to be stored in a central, secure and accessible place.  Scottish deaf heritage is so rich that it deserves to be shared and celebrated.

The project will address the serious problem of Scottish deaf archives being lost or destroyed. For example, when a deaf club was closed for good, there was no formal record of where minutes, reports, artefacts, photographs, etc. have gone.  It is a well known fact that some of them are stored in deaf people's garages, sheds and attics.  There have been rumours that such records were dumped in skips.  Deaf people have asked Deaf History Scotland (DHS) to take and look after them.  DHS has not been able to do so until September 2016 when DHS was allocated a room for storage in Deaf Connections, Glasgow.  We now have a job of cataloguing and preserving them.  But we urgently need some equipment for the Deaf Archives room - office furnture, computer, overhead/document scanner, acid free archival storage materials and shelving units.

We want to engage with deaf people about their heritage and the importance to preserve the archives.  By this we want to encourage them to donate or share their records with DHS.  It is another well known fact that when, an elderly deaf person dies, his/her family may discard the deceased's photos, films and other items of interest because they do not know their historical value.  Some deaf organisations do not have space for storgae or resources for conservation work.  So there is a need for one place in Scotland to store their archives.  This is why DHS got the room for Scottish Deaf Archives.

To ensure that Scottish Deaf Archives are well looked after, we must have the appropriate archival storage materials, shelving units for storage boxes, computer & scanner to catalogue and digitise archives including photographs, display cabinets for artefacts and filing cabinets.  This will cost £10,000.

Deaf History Scotland needs your support to ensure that Scottish Deaf Heritage is shared and celebrated by present and future generations.

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