Scottish Currency Group

by Timothy Rideout in Dalkeith, Scotland, United Kingdom


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To raise funds to allow the Scottish Currency Group to professional and expand the campaign to explain and promote having our own currency.

by Timothy Rideout in Dalkeith, Scotland, United Kingdom

Since Amendment D was passed at the April 2019 SNP Conference we have run nearly 30 talks across Scotland from Dumfries to Steòrnabhagh (Stornoway), set up the web site and the Scottish Currency Group in Facebook. In order to continue to spread the word throughout Scotland, educate and inform and to maximise political pressure. That pressure is to ensure that we are united that the only sensible policy is for Scotland to introduce its own currency within a couple of months of Independence Day.

Andy C: "It's a great presentation.  And the money game is inspired."

Lyn S: "Thank you for your very informative talk at Montrose tonight. Our party all agreed on our way back … that we had learned a lot and really enjoyed your presentation."

Susan C: "I have to say the talk, question and answer session was excellent.  It was very informative."

The funds raised will allow us to speak to more groups across Scotland, raise our game and increase the professionalism of the campaign. This includes:

  • Cover the costs of developing and improving the web site.
  • Allow the Scottish Currency Group to be set up as a company limited by guarantee (i.e. not for profit with each member getting 1 vote and being liable for £1 as a member fee).
  • Extending the campaign to social media such as Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Cover the costs for campaign materials such as leaflets and videos.
  • Allow for more talks to be held, for example where a group can't afford to cover travel costs.
  • Enable work on detailed plans for the central bank and currency.
  • Getting MPs and MSPs to support and endorse the plan.

The Scottish Currency plan is supported by Prof Warren Mosler and Prof Richard Murphy.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Membership of the Scottish Currency Group

You become a member (each member has 1 vote) of the Scottish Currency Group and will receive and can vote on the Annual Report and Accounts and can vote in the election of Directors.

£25 or more

Indy Scotland Doube Sided Map / Desk Mat

The popular XYZ Maps A2 size maps with a World Political Map on one side and a Europe EU map on the other. Both maps show Scotland as Independent and the EU maps also shows Catalunya. The map is laminated.

£100 or more

Large Indy Scotland Wall Map

The large (1190 mm x 840 mm (36" x 43.5") EU wall map plastic coated with both Scotland and Catalunya as independent EU members and rUK out. Worth £29.99.

£500 or more

Indy Scotland Maps Bundle

The complete set of large size plastic coated Indy Scotland wall maps, so 1 x Scottish World Map, 1 x Scottish British Isles Map and 1 x Scottish EU Map. Worth £80.

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